31 July 2014

Ultrasun Lip Protection

Protecting you lips whilst sunbathing is so important. We've all been there, we've lay in the sun all day and then next day you have sore lips that have doubled in size. 

Whilst I was in Marrakech I religiously used the Ultrasun Lip Protection as it contains SPF 30 in it and it prevented any kind of sunburn on my lips. It works to nourish your lips too as it contains blackcurrant seed oil, so it's kind of a two in one. It also works in both hot and cold climates so you can take this to Dubai and the North Pole!

29 July 2014

Summer To Do List

I want to start doing some more personal/talky style posts to mix up my usual fashion and beauty bits so I thought I would start with a summer to do list.

25 July 2014

Holiday Day Makeup

When I'm on holiday I don't like to wear too much make-up for day trips, I like to keep things simple with a light base and a bit of eye makeup. For my holiday to Marrakech this week I packed a few essentials that are easy and quick to apply but last all day.

23 July 2014

Nars Duel-Intense Eyeshadows

Nars recently launched the new Duel-Intense Eye Shadows and they really are something special. I think we can all appreciate how beautiful they look in the cute, sleek packaging but they also work both wet and dry and they come in a range of 12 shades.