22 May 2015

Royal Ascot Races Outfits Under £200

With Ascot season approaching I thought it was excellent timing to put together a few outfits for all under the £200 mark. Now I know that £200 sounds like a lot but that includes everything from the dress to the fascinator/hat and I think I've picked 3 outfits that would suit every taste. It's also coming up to Wedding season too and I definitely think all 3 of these outfits are both races and wedding appropriate. 

I absolutely love Royal Ascot races, it's definitely one of my favourite events of the year and each year my friends and I always plan our outfits. I think this is half of the fun especially if you then get ready together because you can all try on each others hats and dresses. If you don't know much about the races then let me run through the different areas that you can buy tickets for. 

Royal Enclosure is the most prestigious area to attend, and you generally need to be invited to go to this section. The dress code is strictly formal so that means hats, Kate Middleton esque dresses and generally nothing too over the top and too revealing.  
Grand Stand is a little more relaxed, so you don't need a hat although you're more than welcome to wear one however, you do need to wear a fascinator. 

Silver Ring is the most relaxed section where you don't need to wear a hat or fascinator but you still need to wear a fnice dress. This is the area that you're allowed to bring you own picnic and alcohol and if the sun is out this area is so much fun. 

I've been to all areas over the years and they all equally as fun but I would suggest heading to the Silver Ring area if you don't particularly like formal events and don't want to spend a fortune on tickets and alcohol. 

I hope you found this post useful in getting outfit inspiration and I'd love it if you tweet or tag me in your outfit photos if you head to the races.  I've got all my fingers crossed for good weather on he day and get planning for Gold Cup day, it's almost here! 

Gold Cup day it's almost here!

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20 May 2015

5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

Tips on growing your blog

I've recently been putting in a lot of effort with my blog and I've noticed that my readers are definitely more engaged and I've attracted a lot more of you. I wanted to share with you some things I've been doing to improve my blog over the past few months as I know this is a really useful topic to discuss. 

Over Christmas I really had a good think about which direction I wanted to go with my blog and it made me realise that I needed to start creating content that readers would find useful and not just straight up product reviews. I find that posts about blogging tips and useful tips about beauty always go down really well and as these are posts that I love writing I've started to write a lot more of these. 

Along with improving content making an effort to improve you photos is probably the biggest thing that will help improve your blog. You don't need a fancy camera to take great photos as phones these days have such incredible cameras, but what I would say you need is really good natural lighting. The difference between a photo taken in natural and bright light and one with poor lighting is huge. This will also give you a better chance of your images being pinned on Pinterest. 

Having a clean easy to use blog layout is likely to keep readers on your blog for much longer than if they can't navigate the blog. I like really simple chic layouts as I think they draw more attention to the content and pictures in posts. 

Key Words
I know you probably hear this one a lot but adding a few key words into each post will really help new users find your post through google. My one tip with this one would be to just not over do it because too many forced key words would just look silly. 

Mobile Friendly 
Making my blog mobile friendly is probably the thing that has helped my blog grow more than anything and when I say mobile friendly I mean having a layout specifically designed for mobiles. My template is from Pipdig and with it comes a free mobile template that looks beautiful and sleek on all devices. 


19 May 2015

Muted Spring Pastels

If you love pastel shades but aren't brave enough to wear them on your nails then the Whisper collection from Deborah Lippmann is the one for you. All of the shades are very muted pastels and are so perfect for every day wear. With 2 coats you get a subtle amount of colour and with 3 you get an almost opaque look. With wedding season coming up I'd even say these are neutral enough to be worn by brides and bridesmaids. The range includes Like Dreamers Do, which is a muted lilac shade, A Fine Romance- a very sheer pale champagne shade, Chantlily Lace is a beautiful iridescent pink and one that would be stunning for a wedding and finally, finally Misty Morning, which is a light blue/grey shade.

I have a wedding coming up this year that I'm bridesmaid for and I think I'll definitely be rocking one of these as they're just so effortless and elegant.   

18 May 2015

Favourite People To Follow On Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I post quite a lot and love a good flat lay and scenic shot. I would say Instagram is probably my favrouite social media platform both to share images but also to follow other beautiful accounts. For this reason I wanted to share with you some of my favourite girls to follow for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

Gh0stparties- I've loved Kate's blog since before I started blogging and her Instagram photos are equally as beautiful. She has an incredible eye for detail and posts beautiful shots of her stunning home, this is an account to follow if you enjoy interiors, cats and skincare. 

A Little Obsessed- My lovely friend Sabrina from A Little Obsessed has such a pretty account filled with lots of shots of make-up, food and outfits. Like me she also enjoys a good flat lay of beauty products.  

The Pink Diary- beautiful chic and crisp flat lay shots, lots of flowers and the odd shot of New York, what more could you want?

Little Magpie- Amy's style and wardrobe are absolutely to die for and her Instagram is an endless roll of perfect outfit shots and beautiful lifestyle pics. 

Lydia E Millen- if you love #ootd posts then this is the girl to follow, she has effortlessly chic style and hair that would make anyone envious of. 

The Glam And Glitter- I'm sure you all know Tamara's blog and her Instagram is essentially an extension to that, she also includes snaps from her travels around the world so you get an insight how a fashionista lives. 

I Covet Thee- A beauty blog I'm sure you all follow is Alix's from I Covet Thee and I adore her crisp, clean Instagram shots of make up, travel and food. 

Labels For Lunch- This girl seriously knows how to flat lay with every image looking like it came from a magazine cover.


16 May 2015

Prismologie Space NK Launch


If you're a lover of Space NK like me, you will frequently check their new in section and over the past few weeks you may have noticed a new brand launched called Prismologie. The idea behind the brand is to inspire you to live life colourfully by enhancing your day and mood by awakening the senses with beautiful fragrances, luxurious textures and rare ingredients. There's a huge amount of psychology that goes into how you feel throughout the day and this can be influenced by the clothes you wear and the scents you smell. So by applying a moisturiser that's aimed at making you feel energised it can completely shift you mood in the morning. 

The collection consists of 6 different coloured ranges and within each colour there are 2 products. The way the range works is that the colours and unique scents to each range will induce the exact mood that you want to feel for the day. 

Pink- Pink O'Clock, which is my personal favourite is for compassion 

Red- The Red Hour for energy

White- White Beginning for clarity 

Blue- Indigo Interlude for stillness

Green- Green Epoch for serenity 

Yellow- Yellow Day for confidence 

The products are also all designed to work together so that you can apply something from each range throughout the day depending on how you want to feel. For example you would use something from the Yellow Day range in the morning for a energised start to the day, a product from the Red Hour at lunch time and Green Epoch in the evening for serenity and balance. 

My favourite products from the range are the rich body cream from White Beginning as it's such a luxurious feeling cream and the hand cream from Pink O'Clock as I adore the rose and honey scent. The range is definitely expensive with products ranging from £30-£55 but if you like investing in good quality skincare then I'd definitely recommend having a look at the range when you're next in Space NK

14 May 2015

NutriBullet Juice Recipes

NutriBullet Recipes

NutriBullet Recipes

NutriBullet Recipes

NutriBullet Recipes

I got a NutriBullet in March and since then I've been obsessed with making different smoothies, soups and juices. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite juice recipes that I've been loving recently as I think it's the easiest way to inject a bit of goodness into your diet. What I love the most about my NutriBullet (I promise this isn't sponsored) is that is so easy to use as there's only the cup that needs cleaning afterwards, and it's so quick! 

When making a juice I tend to always try and add some kind of green leaf to really pack in the nutrients. It's then good to add some kind of fruit to make it a little sweeter as I find too many greens make the juice really bitter. Depending on how I feel I'll also add in some nuts or chia seeds, fill up with water or coconut water to the line and add in a few ice cubes. 

I've list 3 of my current favourite recipes for you to try and if I make any more I love I'll do another post. Please send me your recipes as I'm always up for trying new things. 

Super Green Juice
Handful of Spinach
Handful of Kale
1 x Pear
1 x Apple

Refreshing Green Juice
1 x Apple
Handful of Mint
Handful of Spinach
1/4 cucumber  
Coconut Water

Healthy Orange Juice
1 x carrot
1 small cube of ginger 
Handful of grapes
1 x Orange


13 May 2015

That Forever 21 Chloe Dupe

Chloe Drew Bag Dupe

If you're a lover of Instagram you will have probably seen images of the Chloe Drew bag going around and rightly so, it's an insanely beautiful bag. Well what you may also know is that Forever 21 are selling a pretty incredible dupe for £17. It comes in cream, black and tan I managed to get my hands on one of the tan ones, which was actually the last one in the shop so I grabbed it and ran! Apart from wanting it to be a tad bigger it's the perfect summer bag and I think it looks so high end for £17. I really love the gold detailing on the chain and clasp and think the colour is the perfect tan for sunny weather. This bag is currently sold out online (in the UK, it's available in the US), but Forever 21 tend to re stock items that are popular so keep your eyes peeled! Whilst looking for this bag I also notice that Forever 21 do quite a few good designer bag dupes, so if you love designer handbags but can't afford the price tan then get yourself down to Forever 21! 

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