8 October 2020

Mum Life - Our Daily Routine

I'm always really interested in other mums daily routines, we all do things slightly different and I love picking up tips from other mamas. 

6.00am: Our days starts pretty much bang on 6.00am every morning, sometimes Matilda will wake up before then, but I go in and tell her it's still sleep time and ask her if she wants to lie down and she will then usually go back to sleep until 6.00am, sometimes later. My husband then goes in to get her and then she will come and sit in bed with us for a couple of minutes for a cuddle, but she's getting a lot more eager to start the day recently, so we often all get out of bed and head into the living room.

6.15- 7.30am: We put on the TV to have some childrens TV on in the background whilst Matilda lies on my chest for a little bit. This doesn't really last long though as she's then off exploring and playing with her toys.

6:30am: Breakfast time. We don't give Matilda any milk in the morning because I find that she then doesn't eat all of her breakfast, so we eat breakfast quite early. This is usually Weetabix with some berries that I pop in the microwave for 20 seconds to warm up a little bit. I eat the same because it's quick and easy.

7am: I let her run around and play a bit and then get her dressed. She's always happiest straight after food. I usually shower and get ready around this time too.

8am-11am: She goes to nursery most days, but when she's at home with me this time is usually filled with lots of playing, reading, singing and FaceTiming my parents. I also tend to give her a snack around 9am ish of grapes, banana and rice cakes.

11:30: Lunch time. We've just transitioned to one nap a day so we've been having lunch a little early. I absolutely love the 'What Mummy Makes' cookbook, there's so many quick and easy ideas and Matilda pretty much loves everything I've made from it.

12:00-13:00: Lunchtime nap. I'm trying to stretch this out as she only have one nap a day now.

13:00-16:30: This is normally the time of the day that I'll go out and see friends, go for a walk or run errands. We used to do so many classes together but I still don't feel 100% comfortable with the current situation.

17:00: We normally all eat dinner together at this time. I used to feed Matilda separately, but we've found it's easier to eat all together and Matilda generally eats more if we eat at the same time. We get a weekly delivery of Hello Fresh, which makes it easy in terms of meal prep, and we just make sure to use no salt or very low salt for Matilda.

17:45: Bath time and story time. I read a book to Matilda whilst she's in the bath and also battle the teeth brushing.

18:30: Milk, bed and story. Most nights Matilda is generally asleep by 18:30 and then I sit on the sofa, drink tea, eat chocolate and watch some mindless TV.

Is this similar to your routine? I'd love to hear what you do differently.


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