19 May 2019

My First and Second Trimester

Now that I'm in my third trimester (and well into it) I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on my first and second trimester with how I felt at the different stages along with the products that really helped me. I know that throughout this time I've found it so helpful to read other peoples blog posts and watch videos on how they felt during the different stages of pregnancy so hopefully this helps someone.

First trimester

The first thing I would say about the first trimester is that it can be a really tricky time and is completely different for everyone. I found the first 6 weeks really tough just because we hadn't told anyone yet and it just feels like a really lonely time to be going through all these changes with feeling not like yourself and not being able to talk about it. I wanted to wait to see my parents in person before I told them as ordinarily I would want to tell them straight away so that felt like the longest wait ever. It was also so so lovely to tell my husbands family and for them to share the excitement with us. We then decided I would tell my two closest friends because they both have babies and it was such a relief to be able to ask them certain things to check that everything I was feeling was normal without having to rely on google.

It was around the 6 week mark that I started to feel quite sick and this lasted around 4/5 weeks, peaking towards the end of my 10th week where I just felt so sick all day, everyday. Luckily I was never sick, however for the 5 weeks it lasted I incredibly quite queazy and like I was going to be sick throughout the whole day. The other symptom I had was extreme tiredness which was so difficult to manage at work, around 2/3pm every day I would feel like I could fall asleep at my desk and this teamed with the nausea was horrible and even worse that I had to hide it! To try and combat this I basically ate dry crackers and biscuits at all times, I kept them in my bag, by my bed, on my desk and in coat pockets!

The last week of my first trimester was over Christmas which was great because it meant I could really relax and sleep whenever I wanted, which was the majority of the time. 

I also found my emotions during the first trimester were out of control, I would cry all the time at almost anything and everything. I once could not stop crying because I had burnt my toast one... but I'm told this is totally normal...

Second Trimester

Moving into the second trimester and things definitely started to get easier, especially around the 13/14 week mark. This was also around the time we started to tell everyone else which was such an exciting time as I really felt like I hibernated during the first trimester to avoid making excuses for not drinking over Christmas. Around the 14/15 week mark I started to feel the first teeny tiny butterfly/bubble kicks which was absolutely incredible to think we would soon start feeling our little one kick and move around! I would also say around this time is when I really started to get a little belly, which I think made things so much more real! 

I've experienced round ligament pain from pretty early on along with hip pain and had been sleeping with a pillow between my legs but around the 16th week mark I decided it was time to get an actual pregnancy pillow. I went for the BBHugMe pregnancy pillow from JoJo Maman Bebe (gifted) and it has honestly been my number 1 pregnancy must have throughout my whole pregnancy. I cannot tell you how comfortable it is. It's filled with lots of tiny little beads so kind of moulds to your body when you sleep, and it looks lovely too so works with our bed. 

I'd say around the 15/16 week mark is when I got into what people call the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, basically all of my 1st trimester symptoms were gone, I was developing a lovely little bump and was feeling pretty well in myself. Around 19 weeks is when we felt the first proper kick, which was the most amazing feeling ever! Our little one has been pretty active and since then hasn't really stopped moving, hopefully this doesn't mean they're going to be a nightmare when they arrive!

Then for the rest of my second trimester it kind of feels like a blur, I started rapidly growing a large bump and grew out of my non-maternity clothes very quickly, but I'll do a whole other post on maternity clothes.

To finish up, I'd say I think I've probably had a fairly easy pregnancy with only a few aches and pains (sometimes super painful but they do go) so I hope this post has helped someone! 

If you're currently in the middle of a tricky 1st trimester just know that it will get better and things will ease off a little bit and if you're in your 2nd trimester and starting to feel better try and embrace it! My final message would be to try and enjoy pregnancy as much as you can, it's such an incredible time and your growing a little human!

Thank you for reading my little (or large) update - I'm going to try and do another one close to the end of my third trimester. 


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