26 November 2019

Black Friday Deals 2019

It's that time of year again where most retailers offer incredible discount as part of Black Friday and Cyber Week.

This year is already looking like the biggest one yet with some retailers offering huge discounts.

I've listed below every retailer I can find and the discount they're offering. I will keep updating this page as the week goes on so keep checking back in.


&Other Stories - 20% off everything with the code NOIR20 here

Adidas - Up to 60% off here

Anthropologie - 20% off everything with the code POMPOM here

Arket - 20% off selected lines here - deals changing everyday.

ASOS - Up to 70% off here

Aspinal of London - 20% off everything and 30% off selected lines here

Baby Mori - Up to 60% off here

Boohoo - 25% off everything here

Boden - 30% off everything here

French Connection - 30% off full priced items with the code BLACKOUT here

Gap - 50% off EVERYTHING here

Heist - 25% off everything here

H&M - 20% off for members it's super easy to join here

In The Style - 50% off everything here

John Lewis - Black Friday event here

Liberty - up to 30% off and 15% off beauty here

Mango - 30% off everything with the code VIPBF here

Matalan - Up to 50% off selected lines here

Missguided - 20% off everything  and different deals listed daily here

Miss Pap - Up to 60% off everything here

Missoma - 25% off everything with early access code VIP25 here

Monica Vinader - 30% off everything and up to 50% off flash daily sales here

Nasty Gal - 50% off everything and 60% off Christmas gifts and party here

Net-A-Porter - COMING SOON


Nike - 30% off selected lines here

Public Desire - 25% off everything with the code CYBER25 here

Selfridges - 20% off with the code SELFCCE here

Shein - Up to 60% off and 15% more with the code BLKWEEK here

Sweaty Betty - COMING SOON

The Outnet - Up to 85% off here

The White Company - 20% off everything here

Topshop - 25% off everything here

Whistles - 30% off everything here


Bobbi Brown - COMING SOON

Charlotte Tilbury - 30% off selected items and gift sets here

Feel Unique - Up to 35% off over 350 brands here

La Roche Posay - 33% off everything here

Look Fantastic - Different codes listed every day here


Amazon - Multiple offers across the site here

La Redoute - up to 60% off everything here

Made - 20% off selected lines here

*Contains affiliate links


26 June 2019

Pregnancy | Big Baby Buys

I've been wanting to put together this post for a while as a few people have said they would be interested in seeing what big baby buys we decided to go with. I also found these kinds of posts super useful we we were deciding what to buy. The way we decided on the big baby purchases was a mixture of recommendations from friends, lots and lots of research and trying things out in shops and looking at the Which? recommended list. You need to subscribe to this but we just did the month free trial and then cancelled our membership once we had everything we needed. We also went for a VIP shopping experience with Mothercare, which was kindly offered to us by the PR but anyone can book it. They basically have pushchair, car seat etc experts that show you how everything works.

So I'll start with the biggest item, the pram. I can't tell you how much research we did into prams, looking at the in stores, looking up reviews and comparisons and talking to friends. It honestly feels like you're buying a car because of all the different features each one has and how they all fold up etc. In the end, we decided to go for the Bugaboo Fox, which was kindly gifted to us from Mothercare.

The reason we went for the Bugaboo Fox pushchair over others was how incredibly easy it is to push around and collapse. These were two of my main priorities for when I'm on my own with bubba and don't have time to faff around. I also love that you can basically customise every part of it and from everyone I know with the Bugaboo Fox they all love it. We're still in the market for a slightly lighter pushchair for if I need to go into central London but for now we felt that the Bugaboo Fox was the best option and it looks beautiful too!
The other product I did copious research on was the car seat. For this we used Which? as the site goes into so much detail on all the different safety aspects and rates each car seat again different factors like safety etc. In the end we went for the Cybex Atom M i Size with the Isofix base (gifted) as this came out as one of the best on the safety charts with 5 stars and also works with our Bugaboo Fox, we just need to buy the car seat adapters to go with it.

The Snuzpod (gifted) was one of the items we knew we wanted from the start as so many friends had recommended it and when we looked at it in John Lewis we absolutely loved it. The Snuzpod is perfect because the sides zip down so the cot fits super snugly next to your bed meaning that you don't have to move very much for night time feeds or midnight wake ups, which I imagine will be a life saver in the early days. The Snuzpod can attach to your bed to make it super secure. It also has a reflux tilt function if she gets reflux, and having had one of my best friends babies suffer really badly with this I know how hard it can be.

Another highly recommended product was the Sleepyhead Duluxe + Pod (gifted), which all my friends swear by. It's like a little cocoon for the baby which makes them feel safe and calm as I guess it makes them feel like they're still in the womb. The Sleepyhead is made from super soft fabric which is non-toxic and great for air permeability. It fits perfectly into the Snuzpod so is perfect for night time but also can be used generally around the house for day time naps, in the lounge and for travel. We have the Pristine White shade but they also come in a bunch of different colours, and we also have a spare cover in the Natural Buffalo when when undoubtably the white cover gets covered in poo or sick.
For her cot when she moves out of our room I wanted something that was girlie but not over the top. After searching everywhere I found this lovely one from Wayfair, which is great when they're tiny but also turns into a cot bed when she gets bigger.

For the mattress this is also an area that people do a crazy amount of research into, we again used Which? for this as they had a section on mattresses on their site. We went for the Ikea Krummelur mattress as it was the highest rated for our cot size of 60 cm x 120 cm.

For the nursery furniture we basically have everything from Ikea. We have the Ikea Hemnes Day Bed as I think these look lovely in nurseries when they're covered in pillows and it will be handy for night time feeds too. We also have the chest of draws from this range as I love how they look and I have the organising squares to go inside which helps to separate all the clothes up.

Moving onto feeding, I'm planning to breast feed but this may or may not work out for us so I've prepared for both breast feeding and bottle feeding. The breast pump we decided to go for was the Elvie breast pump (gifted), a few friends have this and absolutely love how easy, compact and discrete it is as it can just fit in your bra. The other one I looked at was the Madela Swing Pump, but a few friends had said that this made them feel a little bit like a cow so it kind of put me off. I'm also going to buy the Hakka manual breast pump as it's around £20 and so many people swear by it. It's a manual breast pump that you literally attach to the boob that you're not feeding the baby on and it sticks on with suction and then it sucks and collects milk whilst you feed.

In case breast feeding doesn't work out or if we want to introduce a bottle here and there, which I know a lot of people do we have the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Day & Night Machine (gifted). It's great because it does everything in one, sterilises, makes up the formula to the perfect temperature and is silent for night time feeds.
For our sling we went for the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air (gifted), we tried on quite a few but found the buckles on the Baby Bjorn baby carrier the easiest. We went for the air version as our baby will be born in the summer so we thought it would be good to make sure she doesn't get too hot. I love the idea of a sling for days where we just pop out to the shops and don't need to take the pram or for the weekend possibly as we think my husband will use a sling to carry her around in.

We also opted for the Baby Bjorn bouncer as again this came highly recommended from friends. We have the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss 3D Jersey in supersoft with the new Soft Toy Bar (gifted). I love these bouncers because they're super soft and gently rock as baby kicks their legs. The reason we wanted a bouncer was for when she's awake but we're around the house and need somewhere for her to sit, and this is perfect because it will support her back, neck & head. It's also great because it can fold down flat when we're done using it, which I loved because some baby bouncers are really bulky.

As well as the baby bouncer I also wanted something she could sleep in when we're in the lounge and love how pretty moses baskets looked so went for one of these. We have the Little Green Sheep Moses Basket (gifted), which has a stunning knitted liner, mattress included and creates a natural sleeping environment.

We still don't have a baby monitor at first as we plan on having her in our room in the Snuz Pod for the first few months so didn't think it was needed. However, we opted for the Owlet Smart Sock (gifted) which notifies you if your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside of the preset zones. I know some people may think this is over the top but I think it will really put our minds at rest to know that she's okay so that I won't have to check on her all the time (I'm sure I will anyway!).

We have a GroEgg (gifted) as we live in quite a hot flat I thought we needed something to give us a quite indication of the room temperature and this does this by turning a certain colour. This was also another highly recommended product from friends.

For bath time we have the Shnuggle Bath (gifted), which is perfect for when they're tiny as it's like a mini bath tub for them and means you don't have to lean over the main bath tub, which when they're tiny would be difficult. I then got this newborn bath sponge, which was recommended to me from a friend as it means the baby isn't slipping all over the place whilst you're trying to bathe them.

For toys, we haven't really started buying anything as newborns don't really need to be stimulated at the start. We have bought a few black and white fabric books though as newborns are meant to love these. I just picked some random ones from amazon. Then we've bought and been given some teddies, like the adorable bunnies from Jelly Cat.

For clothes the majority of stuff I have is for newborn and then 0-3 months and then I'll buy bigger sizes later on. My favourite places to buy baby clothes from so far are JoJo Maman Bebe for adorable super soft baby grows, Matalan for really affordable and adorable little baby grows and dresses, Next again for affordable lovely clothes, Mothercare for cute outfits and baby grows, Boden for soft and amazing quality clothes, TK Max is also great, Petite Bateau for special items and then John Lewis for some basics.

Finally for sleeping bags, swaddles and muslin cloths. For muslins we've been told that you need a million and you can never have enough so we have literally bought these from everywhere. Aden & Anais do such cool designs and we've got a couple of muslins and swaddles from here (gifted), I also got a bunch from Next, JoJo Maman, Primark, H&M, pretty much everywhere. For sleeping bags we've got some from the Gro Company, we have their Gro Bag and the GroSnug (gifted) which just have zips down the sides so are super easy to use and can be zipped from the bottom so that if you need to change baby then you don't have to completely take them out of the bag.

So far, that's everything we have although I'm sure when she arrives we will realise we've missed something!


19 May 2019

My First and Second Trimester

Now that I'm in my third trimester (and well into it) I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on my first and second trimester with how I felt at the different stages along with the products that really helped me. I know that throughout this time I've found it so helpful to read other peoples blog posts and watch videos on how they felt during the different stages of pregnancy so hopefully this helps someone.

First trimester

The first thing I would say about the first trimester is that it can be a really tricky time and is completely different for everyone. I found the first 6 weeks really tough just because we hadn't told anyone yet and it just feels like a really lonely time to be going through all these changes with feeling not like yourself and not being able to talk about it. I wanted to wait to see my parents in person before I told them as ordinarily I would want to tell them straight away so that felt like the longest wait ever. It was also so so lovely to tell my husbands family and for them to share the excitement with us. We then decided I would tell my two closest friends because they both have babies and it was such a relief to be able to ask them certain things to check that everything I was feeling was normal without having to rely on google.

It was around the 6 week mark that I started to feel quite sick and this lasted around 4/5 weeks, peaking towards the end of my 10th week where I just felt so sick all day, everyday. Luckily I was never sick, however for the 5 weeks it lasted I incredibly quite queazy and like I was going to be sick throughout the whole day. The other symptom I had was extreme tiredness which was so difficult to manage at work, around 2/3pm every day I would feel like I could fall asleep at my desk and this teamed with the nausea was horrible and even worse that I had to hide it! To try and combat this I basically ate dry crackers and biscuits at all times, I kept them in my bag, by my bed, on my desk and in coat pockets!

The last week of my first trimester was over Christmas which was great because it meant I could really relax and sleep whenever I wanted, which was the majority of the time. 

I also found my emotions during the first trimester were out of control, I would cry all the time at almost anything and everything. I once could not stop crying because I had burnt my toast one... but I'm told this is totally normal...

Second Trimester

Moving into the second trimester and things definitely started to get easier, especially around the 13/14 week mark. This was also around the time we started to tell everyone else which was such an exciting time as I really felt like I hibernated during the first trimester to avoid making excuses for not drinking over Christmas. Around the 14/15 week mark I started to feel the first teeny tiny butterfly/bubble kicks which was absolutely incredible to think we would soon start feeling our little one kick and move around! I would also say around this time is when I really started to get a little belly, which I think made things so much more real! 

I've experienced round ligament pain from pretty early on along with hip pain and had been sleeping with a pillow between my legs but around the 16th week mark I decided it was time to get an actual pregnancy pillow. I went for the BBHugMe pregnancy pillow from JoJo Maman Bebe (gifted) and it has honestly been my number 1 pregnancy must have throughout my whole pregnancy. I cannot tell you how comfortable it is. It's filled with lots of tiny little beads so kind of moulds to your body when you sleep, and it looks lovely too so works with our bed. 

I'd say around the 15/16 week mark is when I got into what people call the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, basically all of my 1st trimester symptoms were gone, I was developing a lovely little bump and was feeling pretty well in myself. Around 19 weeks is when we felt the first proper kick, which was the most amazing feeling ever! Our little one has been pretty active and since then hasn't really stopped moving, hopefully this doesn't mean they're going to be a nightmare when they arrive!

Then for the rest of my second trimester it kind of feels like a blur, I started rapidly growing a large bump and grew out of my non-maternity clothes very quickly, but I'll do a whole other post on maternity clothes.

To finish up, I'd say I think I've probably had a fairly easy pregnancy with only a few aches and pains (sometimes super painful but they do go) so I hope this post has helped someone! 

If you're currently in the middle of a tricky 1st trimester just know that it will get better and things will ease off a little bit and if you're in your 2nd trimester and starting to feel better try and embrace it! My final message would be to try and enjoy pregnancy as much as you can, it's such an incredible time and your growing a little human!

Thank you for reading my little (or large) update - I'm going to try and do another one close to the end of my third trimester. 

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