12 April 2017

Skincare For Dry Skin

Skincare for dry skin

My skincare has recently had somewhat of a revamp. This has coincided with the change in season, a change in my diet and also there have just been some really amazing skincare launches lately. In terms of the brands I’ve been using, I am still sticking with old favourites like Clarins and Triology as I don’t think that will ever change, but I’ve also been discovering a few new brands like Immuncologie and Oskia to add to my collection.

Skincare for dry skin

Starting with Clarins, they have just launches their new Hydra-Essentiel range and in true Clarins skincare style, it’s absolutely lovely. The range is aimed at inserting moisture back into the skin, which is exactly why I love it. In particular I’ve been hooked on the Moisturiser and also the Bi-Phase Serum. I’ve always been a big fan of Clarins moisturisers, but this one just has a bit more punch and is perfect for dehydrated skin. The Bi-Phase Serum, is a very light two phase serum and oil, but has an almost nothing there like texture. It’s perfect for those who like the effects of oils and serums but don’t like the heavy texture they sometimes have. I find the two work perfectly together but the serum also works lovely with other moisturisers too and is light enough to be used day and night. Another launch from Claris is their Multi-Active Eye Cream. I wrote a whole post about the Multi-Active range when it first launched and this is an extension to this line. The reason I love it so much is because one side of the applicator is metal, which is incredible at reducing puffy eyes, whilst massaging in the product. I use this in the morning, every morning and spend a few minutes applying the cream with the metal tip, which I find really gently drains any liquid from my eye bag area.

Skincare for dry skin

Moving on to Trilogy, I have used their Organic Rosehip Oil for years, and that isn’t about to change. It’s so perfect for those who get redness in their skin and can reduce it almost overnight. It is a heavy and very oily oil so I only use it in the evening and layer a good amount onto my skin to work it’s magic overnight. I’ve also been trying out a few other products from the brand too, which are just as lovely especially if you like heavily hydrating products. The Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm is an incredibly thick cleansing balm that smells like mangos and is so luxurious to use on the skin. Equally the Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream, is as the name suggests super hydrating and perfect for dry skin. I would say that this is definitely a night moisturiser as it really is quite a thick cream, but I love it.

Skincare for dry skin

Sticking with serums, I’ve recently discovered the brand Immunocologie, which is an incredible luxe brand with a heavy price point but packed with tones of amazing ingredients. I’ve been using the Super 7 Elixir Face Serum, which contains Snail Slime, known to accelerate healing of the skin. There’s been a recent craze with snail slime facials and it’s because the slime contains so many incredible properties that promote natural cell turn over and beautiful skin. I’ve also tried their cleanser from the range, which smells beautiful but I didn’t love for the price point and I’ve heard amazing things about the mud mask.

Skincare for dry skin

Kiehls is definitely not a new brand to me as I’ve been using their Algae Face Mask for around 4 years (which I hear is heartbreakingly getting discontinued!!), however I haven’t extensively tried all of the products. They have recently extended Midnight Recovery range to include an Oil Cleanser and Eye Cream, and I’m absolutely in love with both.  I’m a big fan of cleaning oils, as I think they’re just a gentler way of removing make-up and they’re perfect if you have dry or sensitive skin. The reason I love this one so much though is because it smells like lavender and is just absolutely dreamy to use before bedtime. I would say that because it’s quite heavily scented, I can’t use it every day as I tend to have quite sensitive skin, but using it a couple of times a week is absolutely fine.

Skincare for dry skin

Oskia is a brand that I’ve used a few products from here and there but never really loved one thing in particular, until I found the Super 16 serum (can you tell I like serums). The product contains 16 super skin loving ingredients and is an active-collagen boosting serum. I find this is so good as instantly adding moisture back into the skin and isn’t too thick or gloopy.

So that’s a round up of everything I’ve using religiously at the moment, obviously not all at once though as I’d be a shiny mess. I know it’s a bit rambly, but I wanted to explain each product and why it’s made it into my skincare regime, which actually takes a lot.

Have you tried any of these products, or do you now want to try any?



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  1. I used to only use Clarins skincare and this has made me really want to go back to it!



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