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Christmas Beauty Baubles

Beauty Baubles

Beauty Baubles

Beauty Baubles

I don't believe in Christmas coming too early, I'm the kind of person that gets excited as soon as the first Christmas decorations start popping up in department stores and just can't wait to put my tree up. Therefore I thought it was about time to finally post some gift guides and must have Christmas beauty posts. The first gift guide post is going to be Christmas beauty baubles. These have been so popular over the past few years and I think they're so perfect for Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers. This year more and more brands have released their own version and there are some really amazing ones to pick up. To make it easier for you I've added clickable images below that will take you directly to the products shown above and a few others!

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  1. Having an actual Christmas tree filled with beauty baubles must be every blogger's dream! :P I usually really like the effort made by the brands with their packagings at this time of year, it's the best time to treat yourself to a bauble or two to hang around! The Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks are the cutest <3

    Julia x
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