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Red Lip Classic Valentine's Day Tutorial

YouTube: Gemmalondonlife


As you know, I love a good red lip make up look and although predictable I think red lipstick and Valentine's Day are just the perfect pairing which I think anyone can pull off. I more than anyone know that not everyone can wear the same shade of red, for example blue toned reds make my skin tone look completely drained however I find orange and pink based reds really flattering. Along with different shades of red suiting different skin tones, it's also been shown that different shades of red can evoke different physical and emotional responses. have helped with this post and have provided me with information how about different shades of red can emotionally steer your Valentine's Date. They have teamed up with colour expert Lilian Verner-Bonds to identify the five key shades of red and the individual emotions they evoke. 

- Scarlet Red: The brightest red of all and sparks action and anticipation.
Crimson Red: contains a cool touch of blue and provokes originality and style.
Flame Red: contains tones of yellow and communicates a zest and zeal for life.
Russet Red: a deep red with shades of black and orange and exudes quiet confidence- this would be a good one for first dates.
Maroon Red: an even darker side of red that incites deep thinking and understanding.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you going for dinner or having a cosy night in with Netflix and a take away? 


*post in collaboration with Ebay

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  1. Oh this look is so stunning on you! Great minds think alike, I posted a similar post a week or two ago: but your video is WAY more fun!

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!


    Ashley || Sed Bona