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A Yearly Round Up

I feel like 2016 has really crept up on me without any warning. For someone who is a huge Christmas lover I also feel like it's passed me by without much notice. So I want to start the new year with a completely fresh mind by writing out exactly what I want to achieve both in my personal and blog life whilst as always also focusing on how I want to better improve myself. I think it's always good to take a mental check of what happened in the past year, what you'd like to change in your life and also anything you'd like to improve on. 

In terms of blogging I feel like my mindset completely changed in 2015, I wasn't so focused on producing a blog post every day and I think this was in part because of how huge Instagram became this year. I almost see my Instagram as my second blog and I feel that as long as I'm posting images that I'm still present and producing content. I also received a really great response from Instagram and it's made me think that now more than ever readers are loving images and the digital world is becoming much more visually focused. Realising this has made me think of having a blog redesign to focus more on my images and Instagram. I've also fallen in love with YouTube, it took me a while but now I actually enjoy filming and creating videos so I've been focusing more of my energy into growing my channel. It's been somewhat of a slow growth but in 2016 I'm hoping to focus much more on my YouTube and creating really cool videos. 

2015 was a really amazing year for my blog, I met so many lovely girls who I really consider friends and I also feel like I've connected a lot more with my readers. I have some really amazing loyal readers who have shown me so much support and it doesn't go unnoticed. The two that have been really amazing are Amanda from Dreaming Pretty and Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty. I've also worked with some amazing brands in the past year, which I sometimes still pinch myself about as they're brands I've loved since I started using skincare and make up!

I never really set strict New Year resolutions for myself but there's a few good habits that I would like to stick to in 2016. Last year I really got into spinning, which is a big deal as I'm someone who before that did zero exercise so I'd like to continue that this year. I also tried to drink a lot more water last year and drink a lot more green juices (thanks to my NutriBullet!) and my skin really thanked me for it. Other than sticking to those two I would also like to work on how I act in certain situations. I think I have a tendency to over react and think things are much worse than they are. I found that practicing mindfulness really helped me last year, and I think this is down to being able to focus on my breathing and being more positive in order to not overreact. I think being more positive in general is always something that will have a good effect on your mindset and lifestyle so working on this a little more is definitely something I'd like to concentrate on this year.  

Once again, thank you for all your support and messages over the past year and let's make 2016 just as amazing!

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  1. This was a lovely post to read Gemma! I adore your blog & YT and can't wait for more content from you this year!!!

    Jasmine xxx