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Rediscovering Simple Skincare

Simple was the very first skincare brand that I started using as a teenage and over the past month or so I seemed to have come full circle as I've been using so many of their products. The first product that got me back into Simple was their Micellar Cleansing Water. I'm a big fan of cleansing waters, especially when they're affordable and I find that the Simple one works as good as the more expensive ones and is super gentle. I try not to use face wipes too much because I really just won't feel like they cleanse my face enough, but for the gym they're absolutely perfect! I particularly like these ones as they have my name on them (curtsy of London Fashion Week) and they have the beautiful Holly Fulton design on them!

The kind to skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask, which is probably my least favourite product that I've tried but purely because I like masks that really pack a punch with whatever they claim to say they do. I don't feel like this mask particularly does a great deal to my skin and the texture is quite thin and not what I would expect from a mask. 

Finally the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser is a very gentle moisturiser and even though the name says rich it's actually quite light in texture. I think this would be perfect for combination or oily skin types during the colder months when you want something hydrating but not too heavy.

Have you rediscovered any old Simple favourites recently? 

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