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Bumble & bumble Surf Range

Bumble and bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner

The Bumble & bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner were the first products that I tried from Bumble, and it's what lead me down the garden path into swearing by all of their other lines. The duo gives hair the kind of texture that makes natural beachy waves really easy to achieve whilst also adding some volume. I definitely notice a difference in the thickness of my hair after I use the products and how well my hair holds a curl. I would say that if they was used over a long period of time it would make the hair quite dry, but I just make sure that I use a nourishing intense conditioner once a week to counter act it. 

When going away these are my favourite shampoo and conditioner to use as I often find the change in the water on holiday makes my hair feel lifeless and limp. However as these are pretty large products to be taking away I normally pack the mini trio kit as it contains the shampoo, conditioner and surf spray all in travel friendly sizes.

Regardless of the products I use my hair is more on the corser side of things so the next Bumble product on my wishlist is the Surf Infusion Spray as it contains half of the surf spray and then a nourishing oil to prevent the ends from becoming dry. I think this product would be SO perfect on holiday as you can add texture and volume into your hair whilst also looking after it. 

Have you tried the Surf range and what is your favourite product?

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  1. I absolutely adore the bumble and bumble range! There surf spray is amazing, the packaging is gorgeous and if I could I would get the stuff all the time! x