13 May 2015

That Forever 21 Chloe Dupe

Chloe Drew Bag Dupe

If you're a lover of Instagram you will have probably seen images of the Chloe Drew bag going around and rightly so, it's an insanely beautiful bag. Well what you may also know is that Forever 21 are selling a pretty incredible dupe for £17. It comes in cream, black and tan I managed to get my hands on one of the tan ones, which was actually the last one in the shop so I grabbed it and ran! Apart from wanting it to be a tad bigger it's the perfect summer bag and I think it looks so high end for £17. I really love the gold detailing on the chain and clasp and think the colour is the perfect tan for sunny weather. This bag is currently sold out online (in the UK, it's available in the US), but Forever 21 tend to re stock items that are popular so keep your eyes peeled! Whilst looking for this bag I also notice that Forever 21 do quite a few good designer bag dupes, so if you love designer handbags but can't afford the price tan then get yourself down to Forever 21! 



  1. I love this post! I really need a smaller bag rather than this massive shoulder bag I have been carrying around at the moment. I haven't looked in Forever 21 in ages - thank you for the recommending this! :)

    lissyhayes.co.uk x

  2. This bag is amazing, I'm definitely gonna check if they still have it next month!
    xxx Claire

  3. Ordered mine a few days ago! So thankful they didn't sell out in the U.S yet. Love your blog! bdarielle.blogspot.com


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