16 May 2015

Prismologie Space NK Launch


If you're a lover of Space NK like me, you will frequently check their new in section and over the past few weeks you may have noticed a new brand launched called Prismologie. The idea behind the brand is to inspire you to live life colourfully by enhancing your day and mood by awakening the senses with beautiful fragrances, luxurious textures and rare ingredients. There's a huge amount of psychology that goes into how you feel throughout the day and this can be influenced by the clothes you wear and the scents you smell. So by applying a moisturiser that's aimed at making you feel energised it can completely shift you mood in the morning. 

The collection consists of 6 different coloured ranges and within each colour there are 2 products. The way the range works is that the colours and unique scents to each range will induce the exact mood that you want to feel for the day. 

Pink- Pink O'Clock, which is my personal favourite is for compassion 

Red- The Red Hour for energy

White- White Beginning for clarity 

Blue- Indigo Interlude for stillness

Green- Green Epoch for serenity 

Yellow- Yellow Day for confidence 

The products are also all designed to work together so that you can apply something from each range throughout the day depending on how you want to feel. For example you would use something from the Yellow Day range in the morning for a energised start to the day, a product from the Red Hour at lunch time and Green Epoch in the evening for serenity and balance. 

My favourite products from the range are the rich body cream from White Beginning as it's such a luxurious feeling cream and the hand cream from Pink O'Clock as I adore the rose and honey scent. The range is definitely expensive with products ranging from £30-£55 but if you like investing in good quality skincare then I'd definitely recommend having a look at the range when you're next in Space NK

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