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Making The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

If you follow me on Instagram (nice little plug) you have seen that last week I went on a whirlwind trip to Brussels with P&G, which I've done a nice little vlog about that will be coming your way soon. On the trip I learnt that on average we only wear 20% of our clothes! That means that 80% of everything we wear goes unworn.

During the trip we learnt that everything down to the sound your clothes make when you're going through your wardrobe adds to your choice on what to wear that day. This is called cognitive science and includes scent, sound and touch so although you think you have your favourite items because of how they look there's actually a lot more that goes into it. Of course if an item is faded or discoloured you will rather wear something else. The amount of white blouses and tops I've had to throw away because I've managed to turn them a funny grey colour is endless. On the trip I learn so much about fabric care from brands like Ariel and Lenor. I had one of those ah-ha moments when I finally realised that you need to use products known for keeping clothes fresh and smelling amazing to see the benefits and not just cheaper alternatives. 

All these different factors that add to which clothes you pick really do explain the quote 'a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear'. I definitely have my favourite outfits that I always gravitate towards but it's got me thinking that I should really make more of an effort to shop my own clothes. I find that when I go away for a few days and I only have a small number of clothes I get so much more inventive with my outfits and think of different ways to wear them. 

I know I  buy new clothes because I feel more confident in new items than old ones, which seems silly but also ties in with why we always but new dresses for special occasions. I'm going to set myself a challenge over the next few weeks to not buy any new clothes, well I'm going to try my best and instead I'm going look through my wardrobe and rediscover long lost items. I'm actually also going to wash all my clothes with both Ariel and Lenor to see if it really makes a difference and whether I will fall back in love with old items. I think Spring is the perfect time to do this as it's not quite warm enough that we need new summer clothes and it's still chilly enough that we can recycle Autumn/Winter items

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