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Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossom

Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossom

I don't think any brand does new releases quite like Jo Malone, and their new launch for Spring, Blue Skies and Blossom is no exception. The collection contains 3 new beautiful fragrances which all perfectly encapsulate Spring and everyone's most loved blossom scents. Each floral scent has a unique bottle to go with it with either a pink, green and purple frosted cap and delicate matching bow. 

In the collection there is Sakura Cherry Blossom, which is a delicate floral scent with notes of rose and bergamot, Osmanthus Blossom, which contains notes of peach and petigrain, and then finally Plum Blossom (shown above) containing scents of juicy yellow plum unfolding over a blooming plum blossom heart. 

Out of the three, Plum Blossom is my favourite as it manages to be light and floral whilst also a little deep and musky. I couldn't think of a more perfect collection for Spring with everything from the scents, bottles and beautiful campaign all capturing the heart of crisp, sunny blossom filled Spring days. 

Jo Malone London Blue Skies & Blossom is available now online and in stores nationwide and retail at £86/100ml bottle 

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