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He-Shi Fake Tan

Due to the recent arrival of the sun I've had to show off my skin a little earlier than normal and to say my pasty legs and arms weren't ready would be an understatement. In a effort to look a little more summer ready I've been trying out the fake tan range from He-Shi and from the minute I tried the Gold Foaming Mousse I knew I was going to love it. Firstly, it applies like a dream, it feels so smooth and silky on the skin and blends so easily. Secondly, when I woke up in the morning there wasn't a single streak in sight, just an overall uniform tan. In general I prefer mousse fake tans as I think they're easier to apply and I'd say for me, the He-Shi Mousse beats my old favourite St Tropez one. 

The He-Shi range also has an Exfoliating Bodywash and unlike other exfoliators it contains fruit AHA's, which gently eat away at dead skin along with scrub particles to smooth the skin in preparation for tan. I find that this scrub works really well as it has the exfoliating action of both the beads and the AHA's to really buff away old tan and dead skin cells to prevent that fake tan scaly look.

If you tend to get patchy fake tan around your elbows and other dry areas a little tip is to use a moisturiser that contains Olive Oil as it does't  break down the tan and helps achieve a streak free application. 

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  1. I love the He Shi Range, I love the liquid tan! It's so easy to blend and gives such a nice natural colour to the skin xx

    Amanda -