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Drug Store Foundation

I've finally found a drug store foundation that I can get on board with! As I mentioned in my where to save and where to spluge post, I'm a huge fan of high end foundations but the L'Oreal True Match Foundation has definitely opened my eyes to cheaper alternatives. It's a medium coverage foundation, but builds up really easily and applies beautifully. I would liken it to Nars Sheer Glow in terms of texture. I blend it in with a buffer brush, which I find is the best method and really meshes the foundation with the skin. For a drug store foundation I was rather impressed with the colour range, I would say that you should definitely swatch a few different shades though as the colour in the bottle looks darker than it applies. I have the shade Rose Vanilla, which is a pretty good match to my skin tone and didn't seem to get darker throughout the day. 


  1. I've heard so much about this foundation! I had it in the most grim orange colour years ago but wasn't that much of a fan - it was a bit too thin for me :) But that's just my preference. I will definitely have to recheck it out for summer time now :) If you were looking for something thicker though, I recently purchased Revlon Colorstay and I'm reaaaaaally loving it! Love your blog and looking forward to more fab posts :) xxx

    1. That's so interesting, hopefully you'll like it this time. I'll definitely give Revlon Colourstay a go.
      Thank you, that's very kind xx

  2. I really want that brush - where can I buy the set?

  3. I've tired this foundation a few times and I'm still not sure, it did sit in my pores a few times I think I maybe need to try a primer underneath, which is a step I always neglect!
    xxx Claire