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Beauty Loyalty Cards

Being rewarded for spending money is one of my favourite things about shopping and there are so many beauty loyalty cards out there with amazing benefits that if you're not already using you should!

Boots Advantage Card- This is probably the one I use the most and I think I'd cry if I worked out how much I've spent in Boots over the years. For every £1 you spend you earn 4 points and 1000 points equates to £1, which very quickly builds up let me tell you. Another perk of having a Boots card is they often do triple points offers and the points never expire unlike other loyalty cards.

Space NK Ndulge also offer a great loyalty card scheme as you get 1 point per every £1 you spend. Once you get to 50 points you get a £5 voucher and as the average price of an item in Space NK is around £30 you can quickly build up your vouchers.  

Superdrug Beautycard is similar to Space NK in that for every £1 you spend you earn a point and for every 100 points you earn you get £1 to spend. Unlike Boots points you can pay with both points and cash but then Superdrug points expire so it's swings and round abouts.

Liberty Loyalty Card for every £1 you spend you earn 1 beauty loyalty point and if you earn 150 beauty points you earn you receive a £5 voucher. 

Debenhams Beauty Club is my least favourite beauty card as the points expire after 6 months and they have quite a confusing points scheme. You receive 1 point for every £1 you spend up to £25, 3 points for every £1 when you spend £25 or more. 500 points equates to £5 and 1000 points gives you a £10 voucher. 

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