29 April 2015

What To Pack For A Weekend Away

As I'm currently in Brussels for a few days and this is my first trip of the year I thought I'd share with you some of my beauty and skincare essentials that I always take with me. For a weekend or a few days away I try not to go too crazy with beauty products, but I know I definitely over pack as I just hate being without something when I'm away from home. If you're like me then miniature products and samples are your best friend. I'm a sucker for miniatures anyway as seeing your favourite product a third of the size is just too cute, but they're so practical for weekends away. If I can I try and take all my skincare in sample size as it saves weight and space for the rest of your luggage. Along with make-up and skincare it's also good to try and take a smaller perfume, I love the 40ml Jo Malone perfumes for travelling as they're a really good compact size and don't weight too much. 

Another thing I try to stick with when packing my beauty and skincare products is to aim for products that can be used for more than one purpose or palettes. Instead of taking a bunch of different eyeshadows I always try to take one palette that I can use for both day and evening looks. I've fallen back in love with my Marc Jacobs Lolitta Palette again as it has such beautiful bronzed and golden shades that great the most beautiful smokey eye. Along with multi-purpose products I also try and limit the amount of brushes I take and only bring ones that can be used for more than one thing. 


28 April 2015

Chemical Exfoliators- The Low Down

What are Chemical Exfoliators?

Over the past few months I've been really getting into using chemical exfoliators as an alternative to ordinary exfoliators. Products that contain  chemical exfoliators are generally more gentle on the skin as they naturally remove any dead skin and scrubbing at your skin can cause tiny tears, which can cause wrinkles. Scrubs are also generally worse for the environment as the microbeads are made from plastic and don't biodegrade like natural products would. 

How chemical exfoliators works is by penetrating deep into the skin to not only remove the top layer of dead skin but help promote skin renewal. There are two types- AHA's and BHA's. AHA's are small molecules that remove dead skin, promote cell regeneration and help with fine lines and wrinkles.  Another great benefit of using AHA's is that it actually helps you to get the most from your other skincare. If you use a mask with AHA's in it, when you then use your moisturiser or night cream it allows the product to penetrate deep into your skin.

In the picture about I've shown some of my favourite face masks or serums that contain chemical exfoliators. The Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial is a serum that contains a whole host of skin loving properties along with natural exfoliators. If you don't want to faff or a mask then I have two 'instant' exfoliator. Alpha H Instant Facial is a product that you spray onto a cotton pad and swipe over the face to instantly remove dead skin and brighten your appearance. The Ren 1 Flash Minute Facial is one of my favourite products as you literally leave it on for 1 minute and then rinse off.

Two masks I love are the This Works No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask and Aureli Refine and Polish Miracle Balm. They are both masks that you leave on the skin for around 20 minutes and 

Something very important to note, is that if you use AHA's your skin become much more sensitive to UVA rays, so make sure you always wear sunscreen, even when it's not sunny. 


27 April 2015

Clarins Radiant Plus Golden Glow Body Booster

Clarins Radiant Plus Golden Glow Body Booster

Last summer I discovered the Clarins Radiant Plus Golden Glow Booster, which is essentially a tanning product that you can add to any moisturser for a gradual tan. I absolutely love this product as gradual tanners for the face aren't always the kindest on the skin and this product means you can use your favourite moisturiser and adapt it for the summer. You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Clarins were going to be releasing the Golden Glow Booster for the body. It's basically the exact same idea with the face booster but for the body in that you can mix it with any body moisturiser to turn it into a gradual tanner. 

The reason I love these products so much is that they give you such a natural skin kissed glowing tan and you can tailor it to be as dark or as light as you like. For the face I add around 2-3 drops to an almond amount of moisturiser and I've never had any problems with random patches or streaks. I would say that the body tan is more tailored to those who can never quite find a gradual tan right for them. If you struggle with fake tan in general then I'd also recommend giving this a go as it you can start with making it a really light subtle glow and built up to a deeper tan as you get more confident with the application. 


24 April 2015

How To Stay Organised When Blogging

I think some people underestimate how much it takes to run a regular blog. But if like me you run one along side a full time job then I have a few tips on how to stay organised.

Planing is key- every Sunday I always plan out my content for the rest of the week. I take all my photos and load them all into blogger so that I don't have to worry too much during the week. This makes balancing a job and a regular blog so much easier as all my posts are ready to go.

Blog Post Ideas- whenever I get an idea for a blog post I always jot it down on my to do list as you never know what could turn into great content. I tend to keep my to do list on my phone so that I always have it handy, as you never know when an idea will pop up. 

Make List- Never underestimate the power of lists. I'm a big fan of keeping a bunch of to do lists, it makes me feel better to jot things down and generally helps me with keeping organised. I find that I feel less stressed if I write down everything I need to do for the week. It also helps you keep focused and prioritise what's most important. 

Schedule- As I plan all my blog posts at the start of the week I then find it really useful to schedule them to go live every day. This means that I don't have to worry about whats going up and when and can focus on other aspects of the blog, like social media and planning.

Keep A Diary- This may sound like an obvious one but writing everything in a diary makes life so much easier and ensures that you don't try and cram too much in. I find especially around press day season you can easily double book yourself so it's best to write everything down! 


23 April 2015

He-Shi Fake Tan

Due to the recent arrival of the sun I've had to show off my skin a little earlier than normal and to say my pasty legs and arms weren't ready would be an understatement. In a effort to look a little more summer ready I've been trying out the fake tan range from He-Shi and from the minute I tried the Gold Foaming Mousse I knew I was going to love it. Firstly, it applies like a dream, it feels so smooth and silky on the skin and blends so easily. Secondly, when I woke up in the morning there wasn't a single streak in sight, just an overall uniform tan. In general I prefer mousse fake tans as I think they're easier to apply and I'd say for me, the He-Shi Mousse beats my old favourite St Tropez one. 

The He-Shi range also has an Exfoliating Bodywash and unlike other exfoliators it contains fruit AHA's, which gently eat away at dead skin along with scrub particles to smooth the skin in preparation for tan. I find that this scrub works really well as it has the exfoliating action of both the beads and the AHA's to really buff away old tan and dead skin cells to prevent that fake tan scaly look.

If you tend to get patchy fake tan around your elbows and other dry areas a little tip is to use a moisturiser that contains Olive Oil as it does't  break down the tan and helps achieve a streak free application. 


21 April 2015

New From Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown have had some pretty awesome launches lately and I thought the best way to talk about them was in one big post detailing what I love and what I'd leave.

Firstly the Hot Collection is just so perfect for summer. It's a range of bright pinks, oranges and peach shades in lip crayons, lip sticks and blusher palettes. I have the blusher palette in Calypso, which contains 1 peach blush, 1 baby pink blush and a apricot blush/highlighter. I love these palettes as they're really slim so perfect for travelling and I love the idea of having 3 complementing shades in one palette.
Along with the trio palette they also released 3 new shades of their Sheer Lip Colours and 3 new Art Stick shades. I have the shade Hot Pink, which is the perfect bright pink and will look so beautiful in the summer. Other lip additions are new shades to their Creamy Matte Lip range and these are so beautiful on the lips. They manage to be matte, without being too drying and there are a bunch of beautiful dark nude shades to try.

For eyes they have the beautiful Sparkle Shadows, which are so stunning layered on top of other shadows or all over the lid for a really shimmery look. I've been having a play with their Ink Liner and although this gives a really lovely black an precise cat eye I found that this transferred onto my upper lids, even when I used a primer. I'd say this is the only product that I would leave from their new releases but may be fine if you don't have oily eye lids.  

Next I've been loving their Face Touch Up Palette as it's such an easy and useful compact to have on the go. It contains an under eye corrector, concealer, foundation and powder, it's the perfect all in one palette and so tiny to carry around with you. 


20 April 2015

Spring Skincare

Skincare for sensitive skin

I've recently been switching up my skincare and whilst I still have my old favouirtes I've discovered some new products that I'm really loving. This may go without saying but if you're trying out new skincare it's good to only change one thing at a time so that you can really tell what product is making a difference. 

I'd recently stopped using a toner and as the weathers getting a little hotter I find spray toners really cooling on the face. I picked up the Triology Hydrating Mist Toner to try, it's a mix of rose, geranium and lavender and smells so calming. I found this gentle enough to use everyday and provides a good amount of hydration to my skin.

Instead of doing a full cleanse in the morning I tend to use a micellar water and I've recently been loving the Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser. Firstly it smells of peaches, which is absolutely dreamy and secondly it's so soft and gentle on the skin and perfect for a quick cleanse. This is the kind of product that I would take on a plane with me or a weekend away. 

I've never really had a favourite eye cream, I always find them much of a muchness until I recently started using the Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Cream. I really like to consistency of it, it's stops my eyes from getting too dry in the corners, which I often get and generally feels nice on the skin. It's meant to lift the eyes and visibly reduce puffyness, and while I don't see a huge effect I do feel like it generally tightens my under eye area.

I have contemplated buying the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial for so long I can't remember, and recently Space NK sent me a £10 off voucher and it's all I needed to take the plunge. It's a Vitamin C infused serum that's meant to work as an overnight treatment leaving you with plumped skin in the morning. I've used it a handful of times and whilst I wouldn't say I've seen immediate results I am really enjoying using it. It's feels a little thicker than a serum that you massage into the skin and it smells like orange sherbet. It contains a whole cocktail of skin perfecting agents so whilst I haven't seen results straight away I imagine it's doing wonders for my skin. 

Lastly is a hand cream from the new Energy Bank range from This Works. The Hand Makeover is meant to instantly revive tired looking hands and protect them from environmental aggressors and refine skin tone. It's a really beautiful handcream to use and smells of a lovely mix of Vitamin E, Blackcurrent oil and Shea Butter. 


17 April 2015

Drug Store Foundation

I've finally found a drug store foundation that I can get on board with! As I mentioned in my where to save and where to spluge post, I'm a huge fan of high end foundations but the L'Oreal True Match Foundation has definitely opened my eyes to cheaper alternatives. It's a medium coverage foundation, but builds up really easily and applies beautifully. I would liken it to Nars Sheer Glow in terms of texture. I blend it in with a buffer brush, which I find is the best method and really meshes the foundation with the skin. For a drug store foundation I was rather impressed with the colour range, I would say that you should definitely swatch a few different shades though as the colour in the bottle looks darker than it applies. I have the shade Rose Vanilla, which is a pretty good match to my skin tone and didn't seem to get darker throughout the day. 


16 April 2015

The Benefits of Facial Oils

The Benefits of Facial Oils

I'm a huge fan of facial oils, I think they're the quickest way to get rid of any dry patches on my face and they're also great at preventing wrinkles. There's a big misconception about how people with oily skin can't use facial oils but that's rubbish. If you have oily skin, using an oil on your face won't give you even oily skin, it will likely balance out your skin. Using an oil on your face has huge benefits against aging and wrinkles as many of them are potent antioxidants and will slow down the aging process. Plus the majority of wrinkles are caused by dehydration so by adding an extra level of hydration onto your skin before your moisturiser you'll be preventing any wrinkles from developing.

A little trick is to apply an oil before any treatment products as it allows other products to penetrate deeper into your skin maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. My all time favourite oil has to be the Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Oil. It smells divine and always leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and smooth. Others I like are the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil, Pai Rosehip Oil and Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil  but using any kind of oil on your face will significantly help your hydration levels.

15 April 2015

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Range

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Range

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Range

It officially feels like we're coming to the end of winter and with that we're so close to summer and bare leg weather! Each year Clarins bring out a kick ass Summer collection and this year is no exception with the return of their much loved giant bronzer. Clarins Summer Aquatic Treasures range is all based around golden, shimmering glowing skin capturing the shades of the ocean and sand. If looking at the above pictures doesn't make you want to go on holiday then I don't know what will.

Each year Clarins bring back their Summer Bronzer (£30) and it's always everyones favourite product. It has a mix of 4 different matte shades from beige to terracotta so you can really tailor the application to your skin tone. I love the beautiful embossed detail on the bronzer and huge compact mirror on the lid is going to be so useful when travelling. 

Next are the two limited edition Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases (£26 each) in shades Apricot and Golden Bronze. These can be applied alone for a light golden base or mixed in with your foundation to give a beautiful bronzed highlighted look.

The limited edition Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadows (£19) come in the shades Aquatic Rose, a golden shimmer shadow that looks amazing over brown eyeshadow and Aquatic Grey, which can be worn for a beautiful smokey eye.

Another product that Clarins have brought back is the Truly Waterproof Mascara (£21.50), which last 12 hours, without smudging. I wouldn't say this is the most lengthening mascara but if you're looking for something that will stay put through sweat and swimming then this is your guy.

Lastly is the new After Sun Shimmer Oil (£32), which is the most beautiful and luxurious after sun I've ever seen.  It contains Hazelnut Oil to nourish and condition your skin whilst the fine gold flecks leave your skin looking golden and glowing. 

Now who's excited for their summer holiday? 

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection is available online and in store from May 2015.


14 April 2015

Bumble & bumble Shampoo & Conditioners

Bumble & bumble Shampoo & Conditioners

I usually don't think that high end shampoo's and conditioners are worth the extra money but over the past few years I've completely fallen in love with Bumble & bumble hair care. Their shampoo's just seem to make my hair feel really hydrated and with much more volume than with any other shampoo's- even those that aren't aimed at adding volume. They have a huge range of products that are all aimed at targeting different concerns and they all actually do when they say on the tin. One of my favourite ranges is the Surf collection because it actually gives your hair a tonne of texture without leaving you with crispy or dry hair.

The one I've been using at the moment is Creme de Coco because it leaves my hair feeling really hydrated and smooth and I adore the scent of it. What I love the most about the Creme de Coco range is that although it leaves my hair feeling smooth it's also left with some texture, which I always look for in a shampoo. Another product that I would recommend for those with dry hair is the Invisible Oil collection, this leaves the hair feeling seriously silky so I would recommend this to someone who has very dry hair. I think this will be really great to use during a holiday to prevent any frazzled hair from the sun, sea and sand.

Being a beauty junkie I tend to use a lot of products on my hair so once a week I like to use the Sunday shampoo to get rid of product build up and leave me with squeaky clean hair. Another range from Bumble that is good for really cleaning the scalp is the Seaweed range as this is aimed at adding shine and keeping the scalp happy. It's a very mild shampoo so is probably suitable for those with sensitive scalps.

As you can probably tell from this post I'm a big fan of Bumble & bumble so do let me know if you have a favourite range that I haven't mentioned.

11 April 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

When I first saw the new Fuji Green Tea range from The Body Shop I was so intrigued by the Bath Tea and Infuser, mainly because it feels like you treat your bath like a huge mug of tea. I love the concept of using an infuser in the bath, I think it's a really clever idea and means that you get all the benefits of lose herbs without any of the mess. 

The range is inspired by the Japanese Green Tea ceremony and is meant to leave your skin feeling detoxed and pampered. The green tea leaves found in the bath salts are actually hand picked from the Mount Fuji region of Japan.

Along with the bath salts I've also been trying out one of their body butters in the Green Tea scent. I've mentioned before that The Body Shop body butters are my favourite moisturisers because they're so thick and creamy and leave your skin feeling so nourished. I would say the scent is more on the masculine side and almost smells of men's aftershave, so if you prefer more manly scented products then you will love this range . It's definitely an interesting scent and well worth checking out when you next pass a Body Shop. The range also contains Shower Gel, Exfoliating Soap, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Perfume and a Body Sorbet. 

The Fuji Green Tea Range is available at The Body Shop now- products ranging from £5- £19.


10 April 2015

Beauty Loyalty Cards

Being rewarded for spending money is one of my favourite things about shopping and there are so many beauty loyalty cards out there with amazing benefits that if you're not already using you should!

Boots Advantage Card- This is probably the one I use the most and I think I'd cry if I worked out how much I've spent in Boots over the years. For every £1 you spend you earn 4 points and 1000 points equates to £1, which very quickly builds up let me tell you. Another perk of having a Boots card is they often do triple points offers and the points never expire unlike other loyalty cards.

Space NK Ndulge also offer a great loyalty card scheme as you get 1 point per every £1 you spend. Once you get to 50 points you get a £5 voucher and as the average price of an item in Space NK is around £30 you can quickly build up your vouchers.  

Superdrug Beautycard is similar to Space NK in that for every £1 you spend you earn a point and for every 100 points you earn you get £1 to spend. Unlike Boots points you can pay with both points and cash but then Superdrug points expire so it's swings and round abouts.

Liberty Loyalty Card for every £1 you spend you earn 1 beauty loyalty point and if you earn 150 beauty points you earn you receive a £5 voucher. 

Debenhams Beauty Club is my least favourite beauty card as the points expire after 6 months and they have quite a confusing points scheme. You receive 1 point for every £1 you spend up to £25, 3 points for every £1 when you spend £25 or more. 500 points equates to £5 and 1000 points gives you a £10 voucher. 


9 April 2015

Thierry Mugler Angel Refillable Star

If you're a fan on the Thierry Mugler Angel perfume then you will absolutely adore the new refillable Star Eau de Parfum bottle. It is unlike any other perfume bottle in the it looks like a beautiful 3D ornament that you would want to proudly display in your bedroom. This would be the perfect gift for someone that loves Angel as not only is the bottle stunning you can also get the base engraved to make it a truly personal gift that they can keep forever.

If you're not familiar with Angel I would best describe it as a sweet summer perfume. It has a blend of soft caramel, sweet red fruits, honey and praline combined with patchoulie and vanilla. I know that these ingredients sound like they would result in a sickly sweet scent but there is actually an element of muskyness to it as well, which I think gives the perfume a more mature scent. I don't normally go for really sweet perfumes but because of the musky scent I think there is a level of masculinity to it and makes it really wearable.

Thierry Mugley Angel Eau de Parfum Refillable Star is available in 25ml (£51.50) and 75ml (£86.00) sizes.


8 April 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

I hate it when I get writers block for my blog so I often find having a list of blog post ideas handy is always so useful. Here are 50 different ideas from all different categories for the next time you're struggling for content!

1. Places you've always wanted to go
2. Holiday summaries 
3. Hotel Reviews
4. To Do list for different cities
5. What in my carry on
6. In flight beauty routine 
7. How to travel on a budget

8. Currently loving
9. Monthly favourites 
10. Perfume favourites
11. Drug store favourites 
12. Skincare routine
13. Current make-up routine 
14. New launches
15. Products worth the hype
16. Holy grail products 
17. Favourite on the go products 
18. Top 10 products under £10
19. High end dupes

20. Outfit of the day
21. Current season picks
22. Haul
23. Everyday outfit 
24. Wishlist
25. What's in my handbag
26. Show collection
27. Affordable jewellery 

28. Weekend post
29. A roundup of your favourite bloggers
30. Top 5 burger places of your city
31. Top 5 cocktail places of your city
32. Favourite restaurant 
33. How-To's
34. Interior tips 
35. Current favourite book to read
36. Favourite work out
37. How to juggle a blog with full-time work

38. Healthy breakfast idea's
39. Smoothie recipes 
40. Healthy lunch ideas
41. Quick dinner ideas
42. Summer picnic ideas
43. Healthy snack ideas 

Blogging Tips
44. HTML Help
45. Blogging tools you use
46. Social media tools you use
47. How to build blog traffic
48. Instagram post ideas 
49. How to edit blog photos
50. Where you find content inspiration 


6 April 2015

Current Drug Store Loves

Best Products From The Drug Store

I'm having a bit of a drug store moment right now as everything I seem to try I absolutely love.

I've mentioned the Topshop bronzer being a dupe for Benefit Hoola before and as you can tell by the huge dent I'm still loving it and will definitely repurchase when this one has run out. I mentioned the Kiko powder in my haul post and it's so great at mattifying the skin and keeping oils at bay. 

I'm still so in love with the new Max Factor baked blushers, they have amazing colour payoff and blend beautifully on the skin. They're also amazing dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Blushers. Something else I'm loving from Max Factor is the Facefinity primer, it has a lovely consistency and makes my make-up last all day. It also contains SPF which is something I always look for in my bases.

From Maybelline I'm a huge fan of the Eraser Eye Concealer, it has really great coverage for under the eyes but I tend to also use it as an all over touch up as it leaves the skin looking flawless. I also really love the Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencils, I think they're really good dupes for the matte Nars pencils and come in a great range of colours. 

Lastly is a liquid eyeliner that I think rivals any drug store or high end liners out there. The Soap & Glory Supercat is a felt tip like liner, that stays super black all day applies really smoothly. 


4 April 2015

Camellia's Tea House Soho

If you're looking for something to do this Easter weekend then let me tell you about an adorable tea shop hidden on the top floor of Kingly Court, located just behind Oxford Street. Camellia's Tea House is a quirky family run tea house that serves and sells well over 100 different tea's that are all hand blended. If you're a tea lover like me then this will be your idea of heaven. They have so many different blends of tea and some with amazing names like 'Skinny Bitch' and 'Bobby Marley Blend'. They also have a chocolate tea which I took away with me as I thought it would be the perfect guilt free treat for Easter.

It's run by a brother and sister, but the real star of the show is their Mother Jessie. She works at the front of the house and is absolutely lovely and so knowledgeable. The family believes in drinking teas for their therapeutic and health benefits and Jessie will give you a natural remedy for almost anything.  

During my visit I shared the gluten free lemon and almond cake and the lemon drizzle cake, which were both absolutely delicious and I would recommend them to anyone. I also tried Matcha tea for the first time, which is definitely interesting and well worth a try if only for the bright green colour. 

If you're shopping in central London this weekend you should try Camellia's as it's the perfect retreat from busy oxford street and if you can't eat cake at Easter when can you?


2 April 2015

When To Save & When To Splurge

When it comes to high end and drug store make up it's hard to know when to splurge and when to save. Having tried out my fair share of products I thought I would advise where I think the drug store beats high end. 

When is comes to lipstick I think that you really can't beat high end, I think the formula and longevity are generally better and the colour pay off is always much better. However when it comes to lip liners and lip glosses I think the drug store do them really well. If you're looking for a non-sticky lip gloss then the Tanya Burr ones are really great for this and super pigmented.
Being someone who always wears liquid liner I've tried many different brands from both the drug store and high end and I'd definitely say this is a product you can save your money on. I think there's a huge selection of liquid liners in Boots and my favourites are those from L'Oreal of the Soap & Glory Super Liner. 

With the exception to a few drug store eye shadows I think overall high end shadows seem to be better in terms of texture and pigmentation. Of course Mac shadows are a favourite of every beauty lover but I also love the shadows from Tarte and Bobbi Brown. 

When it comes to mascara's I think you can find both amazing ones both high end and in Boots. In terms of drug store my favourite mascaras are always from Max Factor but my all time favourite mascara is Lights, Camera, Lashes from Tarte.

This category goes hands down to high end. I haven't found a foundation that I love from the drug store in so long yet my all time favourite foundations are all from the beauty hauls and Space NK. I would recommend to Nars Sheer Glow and Chanel Vita Lumier Aqua to anyone as they're both beautiful and site really nicely on the skin. However, I think you can get some really great affordable Primers in the drug store and my favourite is the Max Factor Face Finity one.

Many of my favourite blushers are from the drug store, I think they do an amazing range of shades and textures and I think these are definitely worth saving on. Max Factor have released their new baked blushers and they're absolutely beautiful and exact dupes of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushers.

The drug store does a lot of bronzers but I think many of these are super dark of orange and not aimed at pale skin tones. Normally I would say that high end bronzers are better but I recently found an amazing one from Topshop, which is a great dupe for Benefit Hoola.

Make Up Brushes
This category was the easiest choice for me as my favourite make-up brushes to use are hands down Real Techniques. I think they're so affordable for the quality, they apply make-up beautifully and wash really well. If you would like to try a more luxe professional version of these then have a look at my blog post on their newly released Bold Metals collection as they are absolutely beautiful. 


1 April 2015

Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossom

Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossom

I don't think any brand does new releases quite like Jo Malone, and their new launch for Spring, Blue Skies and Blossom is no exception. The collection contains 3 new beautiful fragrances which all perfectly encapsulate Spring and everyone's most loved blossom scents. Each floral scent has a unique bottle to go with it with either a pink, green and purple frosted cap and delicate matching bow. 

In the collection there is Sakura Cherry Blossom, which is a delicate floral scent with notes of rose and bergamot, Osmanthus Blossom, which contains notes of peach and petigrain, and then finally Plum Blossom (shown above) containing scents of juicy yellow plum unfolding over a blooming plum blossom heart. 

Out of the three, Plum Blossom is my favourite as it manages to be light and floral whilst also a little deep and musky. I couldn't think of a more perfect collection for Spring with everything from the scents, bottles and beautiful campaign all capturing the heart of crisp, sunny blossom filled Spring days. 

Jo Malone London Blue Skies & Blossom is available now online and in stores nationwide and retail at £86/100ml bottle 
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