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A Matte Base

My go to base is normally something quite dewy and highlighting but when I want something a little more matte I have two foundations that I want to share with you. Now when I say matte, I don't mean totally matte as I don't think that really suits my skin, but these two foundations are great for people who usually like dewy skin and are looking for a more matte base. 

I've reviewed in full the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour foundation and I really loved this in the summer as it stays put all day but also seems to stop any oil from developing. What I love about this foundation is that although it is quite matte it somehow also gives a highlighted glow to the skin, so it's the best of both worlds! I wore this foundation a lot during my trip to New York in September when the weather reached 32C and I think any other foundation would have just melted off my face but this had really amazing staying power!

The second foundation is a new edition to my collection and it's the Everlasting Foundation + from Clarins. This again is more on the matte side of bases but still has a little glow to it. This foundation doesn't sit too well on my skin at the moment because its quite dry due to the cold weather but I know I'll get so much use out of it in the summer, and it also contains SPF15, which is a huge bonus.

If you have any matte foundations for those who like a dewy base then please let me know! Also, how many times can I say matte in one post?!

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