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5 Favourite Single Shadows

I often talk about my love for eyeshadow palettes on my blog and never actually mention the single shadows that I love. I think because I've loved these 5 for so long I forget that I've never dedicated a post to them on This London Life.  

Maybelline Creme Colour Tatoo in On and On Bronze is probably my all time favourite shadow. The colour is a beautiful easy to wear bronze and the cream formula makes it really easy to apply and blend out. Another cream shadow I love is Initiation from Chanel, and this is one that I bring out for parties as it's more of a packing on the glitter kind of shadow. I find that it works really well when applied with fingers and I tend to wear this over another shadow bronze. 

Similarly to the Chanel shadow I also love wearing the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Shadow in White Sand over other bases. This one has more of a silver shimmer to it than bronze, which I really like to give a different look. Again I find that the best way to apply the sparkle shadows is with your fingers as it really helps with packing on the glitter. 

The next shadow I use most days is Mac Mulch, it's a very easy shade to wear all over the lid or blended on the lower last line. It's described as a a red/brown with bronze pearl shade and I think it's the mix of colours, which make it such a beautiful shadow. 

Lastly I thought I'd include a shadow, which can be used both wet or dry and the Nars Duel-Intensity Eyeshadows are the best I've found. I own a few of the gold/silver ones of these but I really love the shade Subra as it comes out as a beautiful purple shade on the lids. I love wearing this lightly pressed on top of other shadows but when applied with a wet brush the colour is so beautiful and intense and perfect for smokey eyes.

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  1. On and On Bronze is my favourite, its so beautiful and easy!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'