25 March 2015

10 Things I Learnt Living In London In My 20's

Being in my mid 20's and having lived in London for almost 4 years, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learnt living in london in my 20's- the good and the bad. But mainly good!

1. Your friendship group with shrink. When I first moved to London I had such a huge friendship group, and it was amazing but as I've gotten older my immediate group has gotten smaller. This is something that some people would hate, but I actually love it as I have a core group of really close friends that I love so much. 

2. You will learn to survive off very little money and have the best time. Paying London rent when you first start working can be a very eye opening experience and if there's ever a GIF to sum this up it would be this one from London Grumblr.

3. There will always be somewhere new to eat or drink. Being someone who tends to eat out a lot I'm always amazed at how there are constantly new amazing restaurants and bars to eat it. It's probably one of my favourite parts of living in London.

4. Enjoy being single! Something I definitely learnt in my early 20's was to not waste time with mean boys. The amount of hours my friends and I spent agonising over messages from boys is ridiculous and I wish I could tell myself to just forget about finding Mr Right and just have fun, because he will find you eventually.

5. A girls night with cocktails is much more fun than going to any club. I now actually can't remember the last time I went out on a club night and I'm okay with that. As you may have gathered from my Favourite Cocktail Bars in London, I love going out for a few drinks with friends. 

6. Your 20's is also the time in your life where you will cut out those friends who don't really add much to your life. This can honestly be one of the most refreshing things you will do. In turn you will have a much happier and positive life spent with those who you value but also value you. I've never really had a toxic friendship but I know people that have and letting go on that person can be the best thing you'll ever do. 

7. You will learn how to function on a hangover. This is something I did not know how to deal with at university but I feel like during my 20's I learnt how to function on a hangover like a boss. My biggest tip for people who suffer with bad hangovers is to just get out of the house and get active and you will feel 10 times better.

8. When I first moved to London the underground and buses absolutely baffled me, but now I can confidently get myself and direct other people from almost anywhere in London without a map. This probably won't mean much to anyone else but this still makes me feel like a real Londoner!

9. It's better to spend a little bit more money on clothes than buy everything from Primark, because it will fall apart. 

10. Along with everything else I've learnt about friendships during my 20's I've also met some of my most cherished girlfriends. A lot of my really close friendships are those I made at University but I've also met so many amazing like minded people since being in London, who I wouldn't have met otherwise. 



  1. I love London Grumblr, I can relate to so much after living/working in London for 4 years in my early 20's.

    I completely agree with you on cutting out friends from your life, it's hard but the best thing I ever did.
    and YES, the Primark thing! I hate spending money on things that shrink or fall apart - no matter how cheap they were in the first place!



  2. This is really interesting - I do agree that it's hard keeping a big group of friends as everyone is so spread out and life can get so busy! Steph x

  3. I'm in my very early twenties now and I feel like I'm just starting to learn quite a lot of these lessons. Particularly friends, I think it's important to have a smaller group of brilliant friends, than a big group of not so great pals.

    Fab post!


    Love Lucy x


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