Social Media Hacks For Bloggers

Social Media Tricks For Bloggers

If you have your own blog then you'll know how much work goes into promoting yourself over social media and you'll also know how time consuming this can be. As I work full time I've had to find ways to make running a blog whilst working a little easier. I touched on the programmes I use to easily share my blog posts and photos across my social media in my post about juggling blogging and full time work but I thought I'd go into it a little more.

IFTTT is a site that you can use to share your photos, tweets and pins across all of your different social media channels. IFTTT has whats called recipes, which are different combinations of settings that you can use to share your content. For example you can select a recipe so that whenever you post a photo on Instagram it will automatically share that on you Twitter. You can have as many recipes as you like and this means that you're not wasting time sharing whatever you post on all your different platforms.

Buffer is another site that I use to easily share my posts across different platforms. This is basically what I use so that I don't have to sit on my Twitter or Facebook all day as it allows you to schedule posts throughout the day or even month. I find this so useful in terms on my tweets and facebook posts for promoting my blog posts. I tend to set up a bunch of tweets in the morning after my post has gone live to post throughout the day. You can link a number of different accounts to Buffer so that your post can be shared on a number of platforms throughout the day. What I also love about buffer is that you get an weekly e-mail about you posts stats and how well they've done over the week with how many people clicked, favourited, liked and which posts have been popular.

Like I said in my other blogging tips posts I'm no social media or SEO expert but these are just a few things I find super useful in running a blog whilst working full time. I just means that I can stay present on different platforms whilst doing other things. I hope you found this useful and let me know if there's anything else on blogging that you'd like me to talk about!


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