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10 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

Anyone who uses Instagram a lot, will tell you that they don't just take one photo and upload it straight away. Good Instagram photos take time, planning and numerous attempts. So today I thought I should share with you some of my favourite tips and tricks on how to improve you Instagram pictures and gain more followers because of it.

10 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

1. Natural Light
I find that the best photos are taken in natural light, this doesn't just go for Instagram photos but also blog photos too. If you can use daylight for your photos you'll notice a huge different in the quality and the amount of people that like your photos.

2. Play With The Focus 
By holding down on different parts of the screen it lets you see what the image looks like when you change which part is the main point of focus. I really like doing this with beauty products as it makes them really stand out from the background.

10 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

3. Straighten Up
A picture looks so much more aesthetically pleasing when it's straight. Instagram has a built in tool to let you straighten your photo, which means there's no excuse for wonky pictures. I think I must have wonky vision or something because this is something I have to do to most of my photos.

4. Sharpen 
This is something that you don't have to go too crazy with, but I always sharpen my images even by just a little as it definitely makes the picture a lot crisper. Just be careful not to sharpen too much because it will make the image super grainy. 

10 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

6. Add Some Life Into Your Photo
This is something else I do with beauty products as sometimes I find that a photo can look quite boring so by holding the product I find it adds life to an image and makes it a little more interesting. This also works with food too. 

10 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

7. Choose The Right Composition
I think  photos are a little more interesting when the main focus of the picture isn't it the center and more if it's either to the left or right. I once read that a picture should have a rule of thirds and that if you place the main focal point in one of the thirds of the photo is much more attractive and easy on the eye.

10 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

8. Less Is More
This rule goes for everything in life (apart from candles) that when putting a picture together try not to over clutter the image. By keeping things simple you're not going to confuse the viewer and they're more likely the like the photo. 

9. Angles, Angles, Angles
This is an obvious one but your image can look so different when you shoot at different angles. When taking both my blog and Instagram photos I always play around with the angle as I find it can take a crappy image to something really great.

10. Take A Bunch Of Photos 
Lastly, I take a bunch of photos until I'm happy with the one I finally post as I find that this helps me get the perfect picture. I find that by taking a lot of different snaps it lets me see what works in the image and what aspects of the photo should change. 

I hope you found this post useful at not just improving your Instagram but also for general tips on taking a great photo. If you'd like to see more of my Instagram images then you can follow me here at GemmaLondonLife.

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