My Favourite London Eats

Having lived in London for around 4 years (Jeezee!) I've had plenty of time to gather a list of my favourite places to eat. I've put together a list of the places that I would recommend to a friend at various different price point and for different occasions- so hopefully you will find this useful the next time you don't know where to go. 

Cheap and Cheerful

Herman ze German London

This category is for if you're looking for somewhere nice or quirky to eat that won't break the bank. If you're looking for somewhere that's close to fast food but much nicer then head to Shake Shack, Herman ze German or Homeslice. They're easy breezy places that you can pop in and out of without reservations and serve very yummy but affordable food. For places that are better for a sit down dinner but still affordable I'd head to Pho, Cote or B-Soho. Pho is a really fun place to go as it's got a really buzzy vibe and the food is delicious. I would recommend the Pho Tai, which I actually had last weekend!

Homeslice Pizza London

Date Night

Kettners London

Next I thought I would mention the places that I head to for date nights or nice dinners with friends that aren't too expensive. I love Kettners for both drinks and dinner as it's got such a sophisticated but fun vibe. The food is quite pricey but it's very good and the cocktails are delicious- also they have happy hour 8 til close during the week. L' EntrecĂ´te is a place that I don't hear many people talk about and it's basically a fast food steak restaurant. They don't have a menu, you just tell them how you like your steak done and they bring you your food- plus they have a secret sauce, which is so good! For two more fun and affordable places I head to Ping Pong and Flat Iron as they're both really relaxed but perfect for date nights as they're in the heart of Soho.

Special Occasion

Bob Bob Ricard London

Lastly, I wanted to give you some of my favourite places to go for special occasions like birthdays and Valentines Day. Hakkasan is actually my favourite restaurant in London, I love everything from the food, to the atmosphere, the decor and the cocktails. We have two in London, one by Tottenham Court Road and one in Mayfair- they can also be found around the world in case you're reading this from another country. Another favourite of mine and my boyfriends is Gaucho, it's probably the best steak I've ever had. Hawksmoore is also nice, but I prefer the steak and atmosphere at Gaucho. The one by Tower Hill is my favourite because you have an amazing view of the Thames. Bob Bob Ricard is a really cool place as each booth has it's own button that you press to request for champagne, you don't get much more special than that. And finally Barbecoa in St Pauls is a really lovely place for dinner with incredible views of St Pauls!



  1. So many good recommendations - I've been wanting to go to Bob Bob Ricard for ages! I blogged about some of my faves too if you are interested! You can read it here:
    Steph x

  2. I'm so much in agreement with you! Love Kettner's, Hakkasan and Bob Bob!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London


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