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Here's To 2015

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I never really set myself solid New Years resolutions, I just always try to be the best person I can be and improve on anything I don't like about myself or my life. 2014 was a bit of a funny year, it felt like it went by with the blink of an eye and I can't really remember what I did. Travel wise in September I went back to my favourite city in the world, New York, which as always was amazing. I know so many people say the love New York but I really feel so a home when I'm there and my dream would be to live there for a few months at some point and really get to know the city how I know London. I also went to Marrakech with my boyfriend, which was my first trip into Africa. 

This London Life 

2014 for me was the year that I really started blogging regularly and taking my blog a little more seriously and I really enjoyed it and realised that I love embracing my creative side. Towards the end of the year I started to do a few How To posts and not only did I love them but you guys also seemed to really enjoy them. I think in 2015 I would like to take my blog down this creative route a little bit more. 


2014 was the year I finally started YouTube. After wanting to start for so long I finally took the plunge bought a tripod and filmed my first video. I'm still finding my feet but I'm looking forward to filming more videos in 2015 and hopefully growing my channel and filming some creative and different videos. 

Be Content 

This year I'd like to try and focus on being a little more content with what I have especially in blogging. I think it's so easy and natural to compare yourself with other people and wonder why they have something that you don't but by doing this you're the only one that loses out. Some of the best advice I've heard is you should only compare yourself with yourself, look at what you were doing yesterday, last month and last year and appreciate how far you've come and what you've got. By doing this it allows you to constantly better yourself and be the best possible version of yourself. 

Get Fitter

The last big thing I'd like to aim towards in 2015 is to try and be a little healthier. I do the odd work out video but if I'm honest I'm pretty lazy with exercise and I'd really like to improve on that. I'd like to start with baby steps by starting to go to some classes to get back into the swing of things but really I'd like to start running again. I used to love running when I was younger but now I get quite bad shin splits which really puts me off so the first thing I need to do is buy some trainers that actually support me.

Then I have a few other smaller goals like drink more water (as always), eat better, be more giving and thoughtful and spend less money.

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