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Why You Should Use Lip Liners

I spoke about my love for the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in a post last week so I thought I'd fill you in on why I love lip liners so much.

Lip liners are the perfect way to cheat your natural lip shape, an if done right they can give you a slightly bigger pout. It's very easy to go overboard but the trick is to only slightly go over your natural lip shape so that it doesn't look too much.

They also increase the life of your lipstick making it last so much longer than it would alone. Whenever I'm going out for dinner and drinks and want to wear a bold lip I always make sure I line my lips then completely fill them in the as this makes the colour lasts all night. 

A lip liner I'm currently obsessed with, along with Charlotte Tilbury, is from Smashbox. They have just brought out a range of lip liners that have a built in sharpener in the lid, which I think is so genius and means you'll never have a blunt liner! 

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  1. I really need to start wearing lip liner more often but I am so rubbish at applying it! When I have it on, it definitely makes my lips look at lot more full. I'm loving the Charlotte Tilbury one in Iconic Nude! x

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