How To: Ombré Christmas Nails

Ombre glitter nails are my new favourite thing and they're so easy to do yet look like they take forever. My favourite glitter top coat to use at the moment is Essie Summit of Style as it has really chunky pieces of copper gold glitter. 

I like to have a base colour of a berry or red shade as I think it's quite fitting for this time of year. Then to achieve the ombre effect you add a layer of the glitter top coat to just below half of the nail. Once that is dry then add another layer to only a section of the last glitter layer then another to just the tip of the nail. This will give a gradual effect and is so super easy to do.  

To finish off I add a layer of Seche Vite, which gives a beautiful gel like finish to the nails. 


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  1. Love these nails, so festive! Funnily enough I've been doing the exact same ombre glitter effect, also using summit of style over a red! I haven't stopped wearing festive nails since the end of November and I wrote about it on my blog too :-) Em x


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