10 December 2014

How To: Burn Candles

When reading the title of this post you'd be forgiven in thinking that I'd run out of blog ideas, but fear not, this isn't going to be a post tell you how to light and blow out candles. There are a few tips that I've learnt along the way about making the most out of my candles and when I'm spending £40 for Jo Malone and Dipytque I definitely don't want to waste anything!

Tip #1
When you first light a fresh out of the box candle, make sure you burn it for at least an hour creating an even pool of melted wax. This will prevent the candle from burning straight down the middle wasting almost all of the product. This is something I definitely learnt the hard way after trying to melt the wax around the sides of the candle one too many times. 

Tip #2
Between every couple of burns trim the wick as this will prevent the candle from tunnling smoke into the room. Again something I learnt the hard way by making the walls of my old flat completely covered in soot!

To prevent black soot and splattering of wax on the glass try to use a candle snuffer as this will leave your candle in a much neater state.

1 comment

  1. Great tips hun, one of my candles went straight down the middle & it was so annoying xx


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