Tired Eyes

I find that as the weather gets colder I really struggle with waking up in the morning and I generally just feel and look much more tired. In an effort to try and cover this up I've collected a few products that I think reduce the bags and dark circles under my eyes. 

Eye Creams- When you've got tired and puffy eyes it's good to try and reduce the puffyness with a cold eye cream. A lot of eye creams now come with metal roller balls, which cool the under eye area. I've recently been using the new Vitamin C Duo* from The Body Shop and whilst I'm not a huge fan of the second side I do really enjoy using the roller ball side. After I use this I then go in with another eye cream to add a bit of extra hydration. I really like the new Time In A Bottle Eye Cream from Philosophy* as it's a lovely light serum and feels quite soothing on the eyes. 

Concealer- Once I've applied eye creams I then go in with two concealers, one to cover dark circles and another to brighten. I love the consistency of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and the Nars Creamy Concealer is also lovely and creamy so I'll use one of these for coverage. I'll then go in with the By Terry Densiliss Concealer* to brighten the area under and around my eyes.  

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  1. I love the collection 2000 and NARS creamy concealer, they are great coverage.
    Lovely post.

    Jess x


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