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Lush Christmas

If there's one thing I love about Christmas, it's all the new beauty releases, and one particular brand I always eagerly await for their Xmas release is Lush. Lush holds a special place in my heart as I associate it with cosy nights in and relaxing baths. The things I love about Lush is that there is something for everyone and they have a bath product that suits every mood. They're also cruelty free and completely handmade. 

Now I've told you why I love Lush, lets get into their new products. They've brought back some of their old favourites but also some new releases. 

I picked up the Melting Snowman bath melt, which I had last year and was just too cute to leave. I then thought I'd try Shot For The Stars bath bomb, Lord Of Misrule bath bomb. Northern Lights bath bomb, which I bought as I liked that it isn't a true Lush bath bomb shape. Then from the Halloween launches I picked up the Wizard bubble bar, which smells amazing!

If you're a long time Lush fan you'll be very familiar with the Snow Fairy shower gel, which they release every year along with their Santa's Lip Scrub. Lastly, I thought I'd try the Celebrate Body Lotion, I love the Lush body lotions as they're always super moisturising and smell delicious so I'm excited to try this out!

There are a huge number of new releases so I'll pop in the link to their Christmas and Halloween pages so you can see the whole collection. I know for a fact I'll be going back to pick up the So White and Butter Bear bath bomb. But it's safe to say that my bathroom will be smelling amazing for the next few months!

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