15 September 2014

Duck & Waffle- #Earlybirdchallenge

I'm the kind of person that loves sleep and my bed, I could easily stay in bed all day watching TV shows and browsing the internet but there are definite advantages of waking up early and seizing the day. Waking up just a hour earlier can make an impact on your whole day and make you feel both mentally and physically better. I find that if I have a productive morning it sets me up for the rest of my day by putting me in a positive mindset. 

Apparently if you make your bed in the morning it already makes your brain think you're you've accomplished something and leaves you motivated for the rest of the day.

Living in a city like London means that there are things to do 24/7 and I find this makes waking up early a little easier. 

Earlier last week I was invited down to Duck & Waffle for breakfast by Free Office Finder  as part of their #Earlybirdchallenge campaign. The Campaign is all around making the most of your mornings and they're trying to encourage people to see what a difference waking up early makes to the rest of your your day. 

As I work full time along side running my blog I often have to attend events before I go to work and I love the feeling of being super productive before everyone else gets into the office.

However, the day before I went to Duck & Waffle I'd just landed back in the UK from New York and my sleeping patterns were totally messed up. Ordinarily I probably would have slept in prolonging my jet lag but instead I woke up super early and headed to the Heron Tower for breakfast. This actually totally impacted my day and when I got back home I had one of the most productive blogging days that I've had in a while! I edited my first ever YouTube video (keep your eyes peeled for that!) edited and wrote up a lot of posts and then did all our washing from New York. I was very pleased with myself. 

Now that I've convinced you that waking up early will make you happy and more productive lets discuss what we ate for breakfast. I've been to Duck & Waffle for dinner before and although I love to panoramic view of London at night, I much preferred going for breakfast. 

My friend and I shared the Duck and Waffle, which I couldn't recommend enough. It comes with a fried egg on top with maple and mustard dressed for the duck and waffle.

We then shared the Poached Peach with crispy apricot and vanilla ice cream. This was bloody amazing and I love that this is acceptable for breakfast!

Like I said, I prefer the view at night but it's still pretty awesome to eat you breakfast overlooking the whole of London!


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