24 September 2014

By Terry Terrybly Rose De Rose

By Terry is one of the most beautiful brands I know of, everything from the packaging to the actually products is just so beautiful. I think any beauty junkie wouldn't be ashamed to admit that they've endlessly swatched a number of By Terry products whilst perusing Space NK

Earlier this year By Terry launched her Terribly Rose De Rose collection which consisted of the most beautiful blush I've ever seen and an extention to the Baume De Rose collection.

Out of everything in the By Terry range the Terrybly Rose De Rose blusher has to be the most beautiful product. Just look at it! It contains a trio of matte and light reflecting shades which work to add a flush to the checks whilst highlighting. The great thing about this blush is all the shades work both really well swirled round together or individually. 

I also have to mention how luxe and heavy the silver packaging is, which may have something to do with the price, and even I have to admit £72 for a blusher is very pricey-but it does literally smell of roses. 

The blush contains something called high definition light-reflective correctors, which blend into the skin giving a flawless finish. 

If you've heard of By Terry before it's most likely because of the original Baume De Rose, well Terry has now added 4 new shades to the range and they all give the right amount of colour to wear as a tint. I have the shade Bloom Berry, which shows up as a lovely berry/red tint on the lips. As with the original Baume De Rose the new shades all contain 48 nourishing lip products including rose flower essential wax, lipo regenerating lip butter and many more that leave your lips feeling completely conditioned. 

As I'm sure you can tell from the amount of times I used beautiful in this post I love the By Terry brand, yes it is crazy expensive but the quality of the products are amazing and well worth a treat. 

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