29 September 2014

Jimmy Choo Townhouse

During London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to be invited down to the newly refurbished Jimmy Choo New Bond Street Townhouse for afternoon tea provided by the Berkeley  Hotel and manicures from Nars.
Jimmy Choo is a truly British luxury brand and having dreamt of owning my own pair for years I was more than happy to spend the evening surrounded by beautiful shoes and handbags.

25 September 2014

Clarins Feed 10- Gift With Purpose

I think we all love a Gift With Purchase (GWP), it always makes spending a ridiculous amount of money on make-up and skincare a little more justifiable. I think Clarins is a brand that is well known to have amazing GWP and their one they have at the moment is exactly that but this time for a good cause. 


24 September 2014

By Terry Terrybly Rose De Rose

By Terry is one of the most beautiful brands I know of, everything from the packaging to the actually products is just so beautiful. I think any beauty junkie wouldn't be ashamed to admit that they've endlessly swatched a number of By Terry products whilst perusing Space NK


17 September 2014

New York High Line

The New York High Line is a 1 mile walk built on an unused refurbished rail track that runs across the West Village of New York and has the most amazing views of lower Manhattan. We walked the High line twice during our stay as we loved the West Village that much and you get to see some really cool views.


15 September 2014

Duck & Waffle- #Earlybirdchallenge

I'm the kind of person that loves sleep and my bed, I could easily stay in bed all day watching TV shows and browsing the internet but there are definite advantages of waking up early and seizing the day. Waking up just a hour earlier can make an impact on your whole day and make you feel both mentally and physically better. I find that if I have a productive morning it sets me up for the rest of my day by putting me in a positive mindset. 

Apparently if you make your bed in the morning it already makes your brain think you're you've accomplished something and leaves you motivated for the rest of the day.

Living in a city like London means that there are things to do 24/7 and I find this makes waking up early a little easier. 

Earlier last week I was invited down to Duck & Waffle for breakfast by Free Office Finder  as part of their #Earlybirdchallenge campaign. The Campaign is all around making the most of your mornings and they're trying to encourage people to see what a difference waking up early makes to the rest of your your day. 


11 September 2014

West Village Wanderings

I absolutely love the West Village in New York, it has such a laid back and cool feel to it. I really don't know where I would compare it to in London as it's really chilled out but also beautiful so it's kind of in between Shoreditch and Islington maybe. Every street in Greenwich is filled with beautiful trees and lined with brownstone houses, the kind that are identical to Carrie Bradshaws apartment. 


10 September 2014

Central Park- New York

If you follow me on any of my social media you'll have noticed that I was in New York the past week. I adore New York, I feel a real connection to the city and love everything about it. It has the same kind of buzz that London has but on a far grander scale, as everything is ginormous from the buildings to the food. 


4 September 2014

Narciso By Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez- 90 ml- £69*

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez has to be one of my all time favourite perfumes, so when I heard he was launching a new fragrance I was so excited to give it a sniff and see if I would love it as much as For Her. 

Narciso is a very strong smelling perfume, the kind of perfume that you would wear with a black cocktail dress to a beautiful candle lit dinner. It's an extremely sexy floral scent, which is exactly what Narciso Rodriguez wanted to create, but it also has a masculine side to it because of how strong it is. 

It contains notes of rose, musk and vetiver. It's vetiver which adds the deep woody strong scent, whilst musk adds a layer of warmth and rose balances it all out with a floral sensual side. It really is a uniquely, dry sensual fragrance and even though it's very strong I still find that you can wear it in the day. I think this will work perfectly during winter as I love wearing musky florals during colder months as they have the ability to make me feel so cosy. 

Narciso is currently available at Selfridges and launches nationwide on September 8th.

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