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Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Last week the Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop finally came to London, and if you don't know what that is then go and have a look at my post here as it's a really cool concept that they do with the release of their new perfumes. 

The new launch they were celebrating this time was Daisy Dream. I adore Marc Jacobs perfumes, I think I've had almost every single one since the original Daisy. I love how unique the packaging is for each launch and I think they always manage to represent the scent and idea behind the perfume with their designs. 

I would describe Daisy Dream as a more mature floral scent. I love floral perfumes but I know they aren't for everyone so I think that they got the blend of scents for Daisy Dream spot on to suit most people. The top notes are Blackberry, Fresh Grapefruit and succulent Pear with the heart notes being rich and feminine Jasmine, Lychee and Blue Wisteria. It's this mixture of floral and musky notes which gives the scent a more sophisticated, grown up feel. 

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