29 July 2014

Summer To Do List

I want to start doing some more personal/talky style posts to mix up my usual fashion and beauty bits so I thought I would start with a summer to do list.

1. Travel. Visiting new countries is one of the most amazing things you can experience. It completely opens your eyes to different cultures and different ways of life and helps you grow as a person. 

Chaing Mai- Thailand

2. Take a trip somewhere in your country. if you can't afford a holiday abroad then take a trip somewhere in your country. The UK has so many amazing places to travel to and my favourite is a day trip to Brighton as it so beautiful and feels like a mini holiday.

3. Do that thing in London that you've always wanted to do. Most Londoners I know have a check list of things they want to do or see, so make the most of the good weather we have and get out there and do it.

4. Say YES. I was at an event recently where they spoke all about the effects saying yes will have on your life. I'm very guilty of passing up on things because I'm too tired so my aim this summer is to say yes to as many things as possible!

Image source: Pinterest

5. Get fit. Summer is the perfect time to get fit so find a workout that you love and that suits you. I recently started wdoing Ballet Beautiful workouts which are 15 minute YouTube videos. They work on toning your body and I feel like I've finally found something that works for me!

Image source: Pinterest

6. Just Do It. If there's something you've always wanted to do like a hobby, a project, a diet or anything, now is the time to do it. One of my favourite quotes is 'Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.'

Image source: www.sayingimages.com

7. Go to a Festival. The UK has so many amazing festivals for all different music genres so these are great for a day out/weekend away with your friends. I recently went to one of the British Summertime Festivals in Hyde Parks with a group of my friends and it was the best day out ever. 

British Summer Time Festival 

8. Go Camping. Camping with a group of friends is such a good way to have a cheap weekend away and you'll probably make some of the best memories. It's something that can be done very cheap or you could go a bit up market and go Glamping, which I think sounds and looks amazing!

Image source: Pinterest

9. Go for a picnic. I absolutely love going for picnics in the summer. It's one of my favourite things to do as you can try out new recipes to keep it cheap and I love finding new parks in London to explore.

10. Go to an open air cinema club. Throughout the summer parks all over London are playing films on huge screens when the sun goes down. I recently went with a group of friends and it was so much fun, we chatted and ate until the sunset and then watched Mean Girls. They have such a fun and buzzy atmosphere and make the perfect summer evening. 

Image source: www.stmarksmk.com


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