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Hydraluron- Indeed Labs

Hydraluron was one of the first things that I blogged about and loved. If you haven't used it before it's a really light serum that pumps hydration into your skin and gives results the very next day.

If you're a lover of the Hydraluron range then you'll be very excited to hear that they are launching a new Hydraluron Moisturiser Jelly, which has all the goodness of the serum but in a moisturiser. It contains a mix of ingredients which form a protective film on the skin's surface to defend against moisture evaporation. So in other words it's add moisture and hydration to the skin and locks it in! 

As with the rest of the Hydraluron range it contains the highest amount of hyaluronic acid possible to help improve the hydration levels in the skin and stimulate collagen production. This is what leaves the skin with a plumped up feeling and improved texture. 

I love that with this launch they've also used a new kind of pump application packaging to dispense the product so that you're not dipping in your dirty fingers every time. This means that even at the end of the pot you're still getting exactly the same product as when you bought it. 

My best friend recently tried the serum and noticed a difference in her skin the very next day too so I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly  is available from July exclusively to Boots and is currently £16.66

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