2 July 2014

Heat Proof Make-up

Summer is London can be hot, humid and sticky and this does not bode well for my make-up. I recently and embarrassingly found out at an event that when it gets hot my favourite eyeliner and mascara tends to travel and smudge up my eyes. It makes sense really, if you're not wearing waterproof mascara it will smudge on your eyes in the heat. In an effort to avoid anymore embarrassing make-up mishaps I started to look into heat proofing my make-up.

Firstly, I heard Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup talk about how powdering your eyes helps to prevent oily eyelids, which makes sense. After I've applied my foundation and mascara I take a small shadow brush and dust the eyelids with some loose powder like the Vichy Demablend Powder to mattify the lids. 

Another step to take in prolonging your make-up in the heat is to use a primer. There are so many different primers to pick from but in the summer but I like to use the Clarins Instant Smooth Tanner Primer as it develops in a few hours to give a nice glow to the skin and keeps your make-up put. I also like the This Works In Transit Camera Ready Primer as it's also a moisturiser so makes getting ready super quick. 

Waterproof mascara, this is something that I rarely ever get on with as I find that no matter how much it claims to lengthen and volumise the lashes it's just not as good as normal mascara. However, I recently discovered a waterproof mascara that I had completely discarded but it seems that since the Clarins Waterproof Mascara had dried out a little it actually works quite nicely. A tip if you can't find one you like is to apply a coat of waterproof mascara over the top of a normal mascara. 

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