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Gradual Tanners

Gradual tanners are perfect for adding a bit of colour without going all out for a full on fake tan look. For an everyday tan I much prefer the effect you get from a gradual tanner as it's a little less obvious and looks more natural. 

My firm favourite gradual tanner is the one from Dove, it's affordable and looks natural. It you want something a little lighter that takes more that one application to develop then you'll love the new Total Glow Tanner from Elemis, it is more on the pricey side but it doesn't really smell like fan tan and provides good moisturisation. On the other hand if you want a tanner that will develop into a deep tan overnight then the one from Palmers is good, I don't particularly love it because of the smell but I can deny that it gives a great tan. 

The tip with gradual tanners is to make sure you wash your hands after it's applied, as even though it's a moisturiser it will leaves your hands looking like an umper lumper- something I learnt the hard way! 

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