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French Skincare - Avene & A-Derma

If you haven't tried French pharmacy skincare then you're seriously missing out. French skincare is the best, especially if you have sensitive skin as most of the brands all completely natural and work to soothe the skin. French skincare is much easier to get your hands on these days without the need for a trip to Paris, not that you ever need an excuse for a trip to Paris. You can pick up most brands from Boots now but I order most of mine from Escentual as they normally have offers on and they have most  or the ranges.

Avene and A-Derma are the brand for you if you have sensitive skin. I love the Rhecalm range from A-Derma Skincare and Xeracalm range from Avene Skincare as they're specifically aimed at sensitive and itchy skin. Their daily mosturisers are definitely ones I reach too on a weekly basis as they're really light but work to hydrate the skin all day, they also contain SPF. The Avene Spring Water is perfect for the summer/festivals to freshen up the skin and add an instant boost of hydration. This is definitely coming with me on holiday. 

The above picture is off all the latest launches from Avene skincare and A-Derma skincare but there are so many other product to choose from that you'll be sure to fin something for your skin. I feel I have tried a good selection of French Skincare so I'm always happy to answer any questions if any of you have any!


  1. I've heard good things about this avene product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.

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