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Eyebrows From Eylure

Brows, if gotten right can change the shape of your face and add definition but if you get them wrong then they can look completely over done and a little well, Scouse. Being very fair I don't really have much going on in the eyebrow area, I have hair but it's really light so I always use either a shadow or pencil to fill in the gaps. 

As you can imagine I got quite excited about the new eyebrow range from Eylure and I think they're done a really great job at catering to everyone's needs. The range contains a Trio Brow Powder Palette, a Brow PencilBrow StencilsBrow Shapers (cold wax brow shapers), Permanent TintBrow Crayon (not shown), Brow Gel and Brow Nourishing Oil.

Brow Pencil- £5.45*
Brow Control & Shape Gel- £6.25*
Brow Nourishing Oil £8.25*
Permanent Tint For Brows- £9.95*
Brow Stencils- £4.95*
Brow Shapers- £4.95*
Brow Palette- £9.95*

My personal favourite from the range is the Brow Palette, I've been using it everyday and as it contains a brush with bristles on I find it really quick and easy to create a brow shape. I also love that is comes with a powder, highlighter and wax to set the brows. 

The Pencil is great if you're on the go as it has a spoolie at one end to comb the brows and a small pencil on the other. I've used the Brow Tint and amazingly it didn't turn a funny red shade, which I've had happen in the past. The only thing I don't like is that it's only on application and you get a lot of product so it's quite wasteful. It's also almost £10 too, which is think is really expensive for one use!

I love the idea of the Nourishing Oil to promote hair growth but I think this is something that will take time so I've not seen any major changes yet. 

I'm really impressed with this launch, with a range of shades from light to dark there is something for everyone and I think they've really thought about the quality of the products and what's important in brow products. My hero product from the range though is definitely the Brow Palette.

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  1. I'm obsessed with a good brow - will check out the brow palette. Fab review lovely xx

    Who is She