29 July 2014

Summer To Do List

I want to start doing some more personal/talky style posts to mix up my usual fashion and beauty bits so I thought I would start with a summer to do list.

25 July 2014

Holiday Day Makeup

When I'm on holiday I don't like to wear too much make-up for day trips, I like to keep things simple with a light base and a bit of eye makeup. For my holiday to Marrakech this week I packed a few essentials that are easy and quick to apply but last all day.

23 July 2014

Nars Duel-Intense Eyeshadows

Nars recently launched the new Duel-Intense Eye Shadows and they really are something special. I think we can all appreciate how beautiful they look in the cute, sleek packaging but they also work both wet and dry and they come in a range of 12 shades.

When I'm using them as a normal dry shadow I tend to apply them with my fingers and then blend them out as I find that's the most effective way to get the most colour on your lids.

I know you can use most eye shadows wet but I find that's when these really come into their own as the colour pay off isn't like anything else I've tried. It's almost comparable to the Mac or Chanel paint pots. I love the golden and silver metallic shades as they give a really beautiful shimmery look. I also love the darker shades for the outer corners and crease area to create depth and definition.

You can pick up the Nars Duel-Intense Eye Shadows for £21 from Space NK either in store or online.

22 July 2014

A Guide to SPF

Using a high SPF isn't just for those with fair skin, everyone is at risk of damaging their skin no matter what skin type you are. When I was younger I used to think that the lower the SPF the better the tan. This is absolutely not true and something I learnt the hard way.

21 July 2014


When I go on holiday I always look for products that can multi-task in an effort to cut down on the amount of products that I take... not that it ever works. But I do like products that do one more one thing and the new Phytoplage sublime oil is perfect for cutting down on the time it takes to get ready from the pool to dinner.


18 July 2014

Eyebrows From Eylure

Brows, if gotten right can change the shape of your face and add definition but if you get them wrong then they can look completely over done and a little well, Scouse. Being very fair I don't really have much going on in the eyebrow area, I have hair but it's really light so I always use either a shadow or pencil to fill in the gaps. 

17 July 2014

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spary

I bought the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray a really long time ago, and at first I hated it as I found it did nothing for my hair and I felt like I've wasted quite a lot of money. Fast forward a few months and I'm finally seeing the effects of what this product can do. I use to through the lengths of my hair before blow drying and I find that it adds so much body without weighing it down. 


16 July 2014

Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stains

If like me you follow a lot of US bloggers and YouTubers then you'll have heard all about the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stains before and I've been wanting to get my hands on them for ages. Well, finally they're coming the the UK in August and I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

15 July 2014

Hydraluron- Indeed Labs

Hydraluron was one of the first things that I blogged about and loved. If you haven't used it before it's a really light serum that pumps hydration into your skin and gives results the very next day.

14 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

Bobbi Brown have released their new Surf & Sand Collection in collaboration with Kate Upton and just look how beautiful it is, isn't it just the most perfect summer collection ever? If you've been reading my blog for a while you know how much I love Bobbi Brown's make up and I've never been disappointed with any of their collections.

11 July 2014

Summer Perfumes

During the Summer I like to switch up my perfumes to something a little more fruity and fresh as I find it makes me feel a bit happier and in a different mind set to when I have my winter perfumes on. I'd say my favourite summer perfumes are from Marc Jacobs as they're so light and floral and the bottles are always so fun. 


10 July 2014

Columbia Road Flower Market

I've been wanting to go to Columbia Road flower market for as long as I've lived in London, so as my boyfriend and I didn't have any plans for Sunday and the sun was shining we decided to finally go and see what all the fuss was about. 

9 July 2014

Anniversary Dinner Make Up

In my post yesterday I spoke about my anniversary dinner at Hakkasan, well I thought I would try something new and show you my make-up look for the evening as well. 


8 July 2014

Anniversary At Hakkasan

Saturday marked mine and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary and we really couldn't decide whether we wanted to go away for the weekend or stay in London. 

In the end we decided to stay at home because we really couldn't pick anywhere in the UK to go and we're going away to Marrakech in two weeks anyway. 

So instead we booked my favourite restaurant in London, Hakkasan and spent the weekend doing Londony things. 


4 July 2014

Gradual Tanners

Gradual tanners are perfect for adding a bit of colour without going all out for a full on fake tan look. For an everyday tan I much prefer the effect you get from a gradual tanner as it's a little less obvious and looks more natural. 


2 July 2014

Heat Proof Make-up

Summer is London can be hot, humid and sticky and this does not bode well for my make-up. I recently and embarrassingly found out at an event that when it gets hot my favourite eyeliner and mascara tends to travel and smudge up my eyes. It makes sense really, if you're not wearing waterproof mascara it will smudge on your eyes in the heat. In an effort to avoid anymore embarrassing make-up mishaps I started to look into heat proofing my make-up.

Firstly, I heard Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup talk about how powdering your eyes helps to prevent oily eyelids, which makes sense. After I've applied my foundation and mascara I take a small shadow brush and dust the eyelids with some loose powder like the Vichy Demablend Powder to mattify the lids. 

Another step to take in prolonging your make-up in the heat is to use a primer. There are so many different primers to pick from but in the summer but I like to use the Clarins Instant Smooth Tanner Primer as it develops in a few hours to give a nice glow to the skin and keeps your make-up put. I also like the This Works In Transit Camera Ready Primer as it's also a moisturiser so makes getting ready super quick. 

Waterproof mascara, this is something that I rarely ever get on with as I find that no matter how much it claims to lengthen and volumise the lashes it's just not as good as normal mascara. However, I recently discovered a waterproof mascara that I had completely discarded but it seems that since the Clarins Waterproof Mascara had dried out a little it actually works quite nicely. A tip if you can't find one you like is to apply a coat of waterproof mascara over the top of a normal mascara. 

1 July 2014

Favourite CC Creams

I'm not a fan of BB cream but CC creams are really something I've been getting into over the past few months. I think they're great for days where you don't want to wear too much make-up as they allow you to apply a little bit of coverage whilst still looking completely natural. I think those with a bit of coverage in are perfect for no-make-up make-up days as I just use one of these all over and I'm ready to go. My favourite CC cream with coverage is the ones shown in the image above from Smashbox and Avon and one from Olay (see review here). 

The main aim of a CC cream is to Colour Correct your skin, so depending on your skin concern you can find a CC cream that works best for you. There is so much choice when it comes to picking one but I think a good place to start is to find out what you really want it to do. The CC cream from Stila is really great as it contains a mix of creams to colour correct, brighten the skin, prime and moisturise. I also like the one from Bobbi Brown as it comes in a range of shades and I find it makes a really good base for make-up. 

Whatever you're looking for there will definitely be something out there for you. I personally like those that provide coverage as it allows me to be really lazy on the weekend and just use one product. 

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