25 June 2014

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser- Honey

Last summer Nivea released the first in-shower body moisturiser and I fell head over heels for it. I'm someone who more often than no forgets to moisturiser in the morning so this made my life a whole lot easier. This year they have released 3 new scents: Sea Salt, Honey and Coco Butter. I have the Honey scent and I absolutely love it, the smell is exactly how milky honey/crème brûlée would smell but is also a little fruity too. 
If you've never used an in-shower body moisturiser before you basically use it after you've washed your body and apply it wherever you would normally moisturise then wash it off. It doesn't leave any greasy sticky residue on the skin and speeds up you getting read process. Winner. 

I picked mine up from Superdrug but they’re also available in Boots. 

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  1. This looks nice...love the fact it's honey scented! Sometimes I feel too lazy to moisturise after showering so this seems like a good solution! I've actually just reviewed a luxurious body moisturiser myself over on my blog. It's gorge! Anyway, thanks for opening my eyes to another nice body moisturiser! Danielle x

    frontière girl


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