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Herman Ze German

Some of my favourite places in London are the small quaint Soho eateries buzzing with tonnes of atmosphere and deliciously cheap food. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I popped along to Herman ze German in Soho for some kick ass hotdogs and fries. 

I'd heard some amazing things about Herman ze German and after seeing a number of blog reviews it's definitely been on my 'To Eat' list on my iPhone for a good while. Does anyone else have one of those? Mine is constantly being updated and I feel like I'm never going to get through it!

The little eatery is based on Villiers Street in Soho and has that familiar buzzy, relaxed feel that all the new London restaurants have.  

There's a fair bit to pick from off the menu as they do a variety of different sausages and Currywurst's and then a number of different sides to choose from, so there's definitely something for everyone. 

I opted for the Bockwurst (smokey pork) and T ordered the Bratwurst (pork & Veal) then we both had a side of fries.

I have to say that I'm normally more of a burger girl but my first ever Bockwurst was freaking delicious. They use freshly baked crispy rolls and top off your sausage with crispy onions. I would definitely recommend the Bockwurst if you like your meat with a bit more of a deeper flavour as you could really taste the smokeyness coming through. My boyfriend liked his Bratwurst but didn't love it, he said mine was much better and preferred the ones you get at Winter Wonderland- he's only got a few months until it opens again... 

There's a good selection of sides but I would recommend the fries as they were perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and even more delicious with lashings of mayo. 

(I look like I'm having a bit of a moment with my hotdog)

If you're looking for a quick lunch or casual dinner I'd for sure suggest heading to Herman but if you don't want to queue I'd arrive as early as you can as it can get quite busy and being one of the new cool London restaurants you can't book a table- of course. 

Soho is one of my favourite spots in London as not matter what time or day it is there's always a cool buzz especially when the sun is out as it feels like every street is having it's own street party. Some of my favourite cocktail places are in Soho so if you're visiting London anytime soon definitely add it to you 'To Go' list!


  1. I've heard such mix things about this place, interesting to read another take on it.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. That's interesting because I'd only heard good things. I really enjoyed it but my boyfriend wasn't as keen.

  2. London is fab for great eateries and that looks fab soho is one of my fav places to great post

    Laura. xx

    1. I love Soho, it's definitely one of my favourite areas in London.