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Preping For Lipstick

If like me you can't go a day without wearing some kind of lipstick or gloss then chances are that you've found yourself with dry chapped lips on more than one occasion. I find that if my lips aren't hydrated enough my lip products just don't look right on my lips. I tend to try and look after my lips a little more these days and I have a few tips and tricks to share with you so that your lipsticks always sit right.

If you're a Lush fan then I'm sure you either have or have tried one of their lip scrubs. If you don't knwo what these are they're basically an all natural lip scrub that buffs away any dead skin from you lips. I have the flavour Mint Julips and this tastes and smells exactly like after eight mints. You only need to use the smallest amount and then as it's all natural you can just lick away the remaining sugar- mmm. A cheaper/free alternative to a lip scrub is a trick I learnt from Liz Aldridge's videos and that is to apply a small amount of lip balm to a cotton bud and use this to buff away any dead skin from your lips. This works just as well as a lip scrub but doesn't taste as delicious. 

Once I've buffered away any dead skin I'll apply a nice thick layer of lip balm and my favrouite two to use are the Nuxe Reve de Miel and Carmex*. I tend to use the Nuxe one in the evening as I like to apply a really thick layer and let it sink in overnight and then the Carmex one in the morning before I apply m lip product for the day. 

I hope you found this helpful. 

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