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One to One With Dr Lamees Hamden- Shiffa

Shiffa Cold Pressed Olive and Mint Soap- £13*
Shiffa Kore Perfume- 100ml £95*- in stores soon

A few weeks ago I was invited to a beautiful Mayfair hotel to meet the brains and beauty behind the luxurious Dubai brand Shiffa. The ever so lovely founder, Dr Lamees Hamdan is a medically trained doctor and dermatologist who entered the beauty world after creating her own pregnancy body oil as she wasn't satisfied with any products already on the market. Being from a family of women who create their own perfumes and beauty products she knows just how important it is to include only natural and luxurious ingredients to nurture and heal the skin. If you haven’t heard of Shiffa before it is a beautiful body and skincare range that aims to heal the mind, body and soul.

After creating her first perfume Aya Dr Lamees has just this month launched her  second fragrance Kore, which is a beautifully expensive smelling fragrance that can only be described as the scent of lipstick. She said that she wanted to create something that smelt expensive and unique, like nothing else you would have smelt in the beauty halls before. As soon as I smelt Kore I instantly let out an mmmm sound. It’s so beautiful and sensual that it feels like a scent that should be saved for special occasions. 

The main piece of advice that I took from my meeting with Dr Lamees was the importance of double cleansing, which she said it is the key to beautiful, young looking skin. Some cleansers can be quite stripping on the skin but that is definitely not the case with the Shiffa Aromatic Cleanser and that's thanks to the natural and purifying ingredients. Along with the cleanser I've also been lucky enough to try out the incredibly luxurious Sweetnes Body Polish and Cold Pressed Olive and Mint Soap, which are both super moisturising and left my skin feeling baby soft. I can truly say that if you're looking to treat yourself and want something that will make you feel utterly pampered that Shiffa is the brand for you. I love knowing that when I use products that they're completely natural and not full of nasty ingredients. 

Shiffa body, skincare and perfumes can be bought at Selfridges or Space NK and range between £25 to £250

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