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Clarins Colours of Brazil Collection

Lip Balm Crayon- My Pink- £18*
Lip Balm Crayon- Tender Cherry- £18*

As the world cup is being hosted in Rio this year be prepared to see a whole bunch of Brazil themed launches being released this summer. The first Rio themed beauty released I've tried is from Clarins and it's their Colours of Brazil collection. This consists of lots of bronzes to represent the hot sandy beaches with splashes of bright blue and coral to reflect the warm shimmering sea. The collection contains a large embossed Bronzer (£30), 6 Lip Balm Crayons* (£18 each), a limited edition Eye Shadow Quadlet and Eyeliner Palette* (£32) and a Waterproof Mascara* (£21).

Having had a good play with the collection for a while now I thought I would share my thoughts with you. The stand out product from the collection for me is definitely the palette as it contains such a great mix of everyday brown colours along with a popping blue eyeliner and orange colour to jazz it up. I found the blue to be perfect on the lower lash liner to really brighten up a neutral eye look and think this would be great on holiday. The Lip Balm Crayons are a close second favourite as they're really lovely and moisturising. The My Pink shade is perfect for when you don't want to wear a lip colour as it adapts to your natural lip colouring to give you a really light wash of colour. The product that I really didn't get on with was the waterproof mascara, but I think that's because I don't particularly like any waterproof mascaras. I found it didn't lengthen my lashes at all or add any volume but this could be different on other people. 

Clarins Colours of Brazil Collection is available in store of online. 


  1. The eyeshadow palette looks so nice and ideal for summer! xx

  2. colors are so pretty! I especially love the eye shadow palette