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Easter Weekend Food

Easter weekend is made for eating and relaxing and that's exactly what I've spent all my time doing. My boyfriend and I have started every day with eggs and soldiers with garlic butter, which was inspired by Rosie's Easter post on The Londoner only my butter's weren't quite as adventurous as hers. I then made some super simple (but managed to burn the chocolate) Easter nests with mini eggs, which I feel like is compulsory this time of year. I'm absolutely loving having four days off work, and I've actually been super productive blog wise which I'm quite proud of. On Saturday we went for dinner at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, which was freakin amazing. If you follow me on Instagram- (@Gemmalondonlife) you'll have seen a picture of a 'press for champagne' sign which was there, but they also do the most amazing food and cocktails. I definitely want to go back there soon as sample some more of the menu. I've spent most of Sunday blogging, cooking and watching/discovering all of Claire Marshall's Vlogs as the weather has been so gross and rainy. I think we all need that down time sometimes and one of my favourite things is the sound of rain when you're all cosy inside. 

What ever you did I hope you had a lovely Easter and ate lots and lots of chocolate and I'll be back tomorrow with the normal beauty posts.  

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  1. Ah you can never go wrong with egg and soldiers, takes me back to my childhood every time.