28 April 2014

Spring Shoe Haul

Primark Blank Sandals- £10
Primark Tan Sandals- £12
Primark Leopard Print Pumps- £10

So I may have been shopping over the past few weeks and I've managed to build up quite a large collection of new shoes. You'll be pleased to hear that most of them are from Primark so they're not too pricey. I feel like Primark is amazing at the moment, I hadn't been in months and when I popped into the one on Tottenham Court Road I saw so many things that could easily be found in Topshop or Zara. They have so many lovely sandals at the moment and most of them are so similar to the leather ones that Topshop sell. They're also 100% leather and less than £15! Ever since Dune stopped selling their leopard print pumps I've been on the hunt for something similar. These ones aren't amazing and probably won't last very long but I think they look really great for the price and are very comfortable. 
Moving onto heels, I was kindly sent these lovely midi heels from La Redoute, which I picked out as I thought the studs on the ankle strap were very Valentino like. As they're quite a low heel they're really easy to walk in and didn't hurt my feet, which always helps!
Last but certainly not least are these b-e-a-utiful heels from Zara, I think I'm actually a little bit obsessed with them. They're the perfect gladiator/summer heel and because they support your whole foot they're really comfortable to walk in. I imagine I will be wearing these a lot over Spring and Summer. 


27 April 2014

How to Whiten Teeth

Whitened teeth makes such a huge difference to your overall appearance and I feel like they can completely transform your face and make you look a little more put together. My only fear with whitening my teeth is the damage they may cause when I'm older. I think if you want to try and achieve naturally white teeth without using anything too stripping I would suggest using a whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush. Using an electric toothbrush in general will keep you teeth much cleaner than if you used a normal toothbrush and I find that I see more of a result when I use one with a whitening toothpaste. The toothbrush that I use and love is the Philips Sonicare* as it has a number of different settings and one for whitening.
I'm not particularly loyal to a whitening tooth paste as I find they all do a similar job, but the one I've been using over the past few months is the Colgate Max White One Optic* as it's proven to clinically whiten your teeth. Then if I'm going to a special event or if I feel like my teeth are looking particularly dull then I'll use a Crest 3D White whitening strip for 30 minutes as these really do make a noticeable difference. I tend to buy these from Ebay as you can pick as many packets you want and they're much cheaper than what you would pay if you bought them on Amazon. These can make you teeth a little bit sensitive but if you use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth I find that helps a lot. 


26 April 2014

Top 3 Face Masks

If your quite new to skin care then picking a face mask can be quite a daunting task as there's so much choice out their. Do you want a clay mask, a mud mask or a deep cleaning mask? The list is endless. I thought I'd try and help you out a little bit by telling you which are my go to favourite masks and why.

The Kiehl's Algae Masque (£23.50) is an old favourite of mine, it featured in the very early days of my blog and I still love it. This is the mask I take with me on long flights because even though it looks quite scary in the tub, once applied you can't really see it on your face and it's super hydrating. When my boyfriend and I traveled around Thailand and Cambodia I used this on every journey and I really noticed that my skin looked so much more hydrated and healthy than it normally would after a long flight.

Next is Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Clay Mask by Una Brennan (£8.99) and this is what I would suggest to those who are scared to try a clay mask. It works perfectly fine on semi-sensitive skin but is still strong enough to give you that really clean feeling. It's also really affordable and easy to get your hands on from Boots

Finally the Deep Cleansing Mask from Omorovicza* (£57.00) is a full blow deep cleaning clay mask. I found that it left my skin feeling super clean without the stripping feeling and it's a full on mud looking clay mask in that you look like a crazy person when it's on. This is a bit of a pricey one but if you can afford to splash out on skincare I'd definitely recommend trying this out. You can pick it up from Cult Beauty or Selfridges. 

As I'm always up for trying new things, what are your favourite face masks and why?

23 April 2014

Spring Nails

Although I own too many different colours of nail polishes I'd say my go to shades are always milky pinks and peach colours, a lot like my favourite lip colours. It's taken me a while to find the perfect set of opaque pale shades but I think I'm finally there. The first polish on the wheel is from the L'Oreal Colour Riche range in the shade Peach Neglige and I find this to be the perfect opaque cream shade and lasts really well of my nails. The next is a solid favourite of mine mentioned in numerous posts and that's the Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in shade Mayfair Lane*. Nails 3 and 5 are new releases from Deborah Lippmann and the first is shade La Vie En Rose* and the second is Tip Toe Through The Tulips*. La Vie En Rose is a milky glitter pink shade and takes around 3 coats to become opaque and Tip Toe Through The Tulips along with having an amazing name is a beautiful peachy orange shade. Nail 4 is a lovely pinky peach shade from Butter London called Keen* and nail 6 is a great lemon shade from Models Own in the colour Lemon Meringue, how fitting. 

Let me know if you've found any lovely Spring shades as I'm always open to suggestions! 

21 April 2014

Caudalie Polyphenol C15

Living in London or any big city can take it's toll on our skin, we're constantly exposed to pollution and UV rays and this can cause premature fine lines and wrinkles. City girls and anyone concerned about aging skin will be pleased to hear French skincare powerhouse, Caudalie have launched a super antioxidant range that is aimed at protecting and repairing skin. The goal of the Polyphenol C15 anti-oxidant range is to block the production of free radicals and increase your skins natural repairing process. 

The range is made up of 3 prodcuts a serum, an eye cream and a light (fluid) moisturiser and they all contain polyphenol (the stuff that helps fight anti-aging) and Vitamin C. The line is aimed at woman over 30 but I don't think it's ever too early to start using anti-aging products. 

The Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum* (£35) is the star product for most people and contains the highest amount of Polyphenol C15 and claims to significantly reduce and correct wrinkles whilst enhancing the skins natural productive system.  The Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF20* (£29) is a light moisturiser and perfect for those who don't like to apply a heavy moisturiser before their make-up. Last but not least is the Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream* (£26), it contains Matrixyl 3000, which boosts collagen synthesis and a whole host of other products to smooth, decongest and add softness. 

My personal favourite from the range is the eye and lip cream. I can't quite put my finger on why I love this so much but I find it lovely and creamy to apply and smells really nice. I think I'm too young to see any visable difference in my skin but I do really like the texture and scent from the range. 

If you're not sure which of the 3 products you would like Caudalie are currently selling a box of large samples and a stress ball for £15, which is a great way to try out all 3 before purchasing a full size of your favourite. 


20 April 2014

Easter Weekend Food

Easter weekend is made for eating and relaxing and that's exactly what I've spent all my time doing. My boyfriend and I have started every day with eggs and soldiers with garlic butter, which was inspired by Rosie's Easter post on The Londoner only my butter's weren't quite as adventurous as hers. I then made some super simple (but managed to burn the chocolate) Easter nests with mini eggs, which I feel like is compulsory this time of year. I'm absolutely loving having four days off work, and I've actually been super productive blog wise which I'm quite proud of. On Saturday we went for dinner at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, which was freakin amazing. If you follow me on Instagram- (@Gemmalondonlife) you'll have seen a picture of a 'press for champagne' sign which was there, but they also do the most amazing food and cocktails. I definitely want to go back there soon as sample some more of the menu. I've spent most of Sunday blogging, cooking and watching/discovering all of Claire Marshall's Vlogs as the weather has been so gross and rainy. I think we all need that down time sometimes and one of my favourite things is the sound of rain when you're all cosy inside. 

What ever you did I hope you had a lovely Easter and ate lots and lots of chocolate and I'll be back tomorrow with the normal beauty posts.  

19 April 2014

Favourite Budget Lip Products

Max Factor- 02 Glowing Peach- Launching in July 2014

One thing that I think the drug store does really well is lip products. There are so many different amazing brands in Boots & Superdrug and as most of them are owned by high end beauty companies like Chanel and Estée Lauder it's likely that when you purchase budget lip product it contains high end ingredients. As you can tell from the picture above I'm a real lover or a peachy pink lip colour but sometimes I like to mix it up with the occassional bold red lip. I've put together a selection of my most go to lip products which I think have both amazing formation and colour pay off whilst still being affordable.   

I own a fair amount of the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks but I think these two are my favourite shades, Pink Cognito is the perfect every day pinky peach and Rich Girl Red is a lovely orange toned red shade. Another favoruite budget lipstick is Cheryl's L'Oreal Riche as it's a really wearable brown toned nude. Another Revlon product I've been loving recently is one of their Colour Burst Balms in Demure, it's a light pink shade with glitter running through it and looks lovely under most nude lip glosses. I'm sure you'll have heard many beauty bloggers talking about the new Maybelline lip glosses, but they really are lovely. They have a great colour range to pick from, have a pretty good pay off AND they're not sticky! My last two products both come from the peach family and one of them isn't available until June (sorry!) but the other is a product that I'm sure needs not introduction and that's one of the lip glosses from the Tanya Burr range. I have the shade Just Peachy, which is a milky, pinky peach shade with some serious pigmentation. I really love wearing this over the Revlon Colour Balm as they really compliment each other.  


14 April 2014

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Review

Jo Malone scents are amongst some of my favourites candles and perfumes out there. I find that almost every scent is unlike anything I've smelt before and I adore the classic and simple packaging. After spritzing and sniffing every fragrance in their stores many times over there's always one that I go back to, and that's Blackberry and Bay

Jo Malone scents are divided into 5 categories, Citrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy and Woody and Blackberry & Bay falls under the fruity group. The fragrance contains top notes of Blackberry, heart notes of Bay Leaves and base notes of Cedar Wood so it's what I would describe as a lovely deep fruity scent. The base notes of cedar wood is what adds a real depth to the fragrance whilst the blackberry and bay leaves is what bring the lingering fruity scent. I'm definitely a lover of the fruity scents as I also love the English Pear and Freesia for summer and I find the Nectarine Blossom and Honey scent is so warming in a candle. 

Jo Malone is a luxury brand so their products are on the pricey side but I think they're perfect for a treat or a special occasion. The perfumes start at £39 for a 30ml bottle, £78 for a 100ml bottle and their candles start at £39. 

Have you tried any Jo Malone products and what is your favourite scent?

9 April 2014

Ole Henriksen Cleansing Wipes

I'm not really a face wipe kind of girl, I find that they don't remove all my make up thoroughly and my face just doesn't feel as clean as it does when I've properly cleansed. If you follow Fleur de Force you'll have heard her rave about her love for the Ole Henriksen cleansing cloths for quite some time, and I have to admit I was pretty intrigued how a pack of £15 face wipes could be any better than a £3 pack. 

Until now the only wipes in the Ole Henriksen range were the original Truth To Go wipes which have been repackaged as The Clean Truth, but later this month two new varieties will be added to the range- Nuture Me and Grease Relief. They've also reduced to price of a pack of 30 wipes from £15 to £12, which is still a lot for face wipes and I'm yet to be convinced that they're worth it. 

First of all let me tell you about the smell of these, they're so fresh and lovely and smell just like oranges and blackcurrant. I have the Nurture Me* and The Clean Truth* pack of 30 cleansing cloths. The Nurture Me cloths are said to dissolve dirt, oil and water proof make up whilst soothing, softening and comforting dry skin so these are great is you have dry and sensitive skin. The Brightening wipes remove dirt, oil and water proof make up whilst boosting radiance, replenishing and adding moisture to the skin. 

Apart from not feeling fully cleansed after using wipes I also find they provoke a reaction to my sensitive skin. The great thing about the Ole Henriksen wipes is they're alcohol and soap free so are perfect for sensitive skin. For me these are perfect for when I'm being lazy or for flights as they remove every trace of make up and smell delicious. I know that £12 for face wipes but if you can afford it then these are a really great option for lazy nights. 

The new Cleansing Cloths will be available later this month for £12 online and in store at John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. 


7 April 2014

Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Collection

The beautiful Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Collection was launched around the middle of march and just in time for the start of Spring. the collection featured two Nail Polishes- Bare Peach* (£11)and Nectar* (£11), three Lip Glosses- Bare Peach* (£18), Nectar* (£18) and Nude Pink* (£18), a 6 Shadow Eye Palette (£37), a Pot Rouge Cream Blush* (£19) and a new Apricot Shimmer Brick* (£32).

I think this is such a beautiful collection and as the name suggests it features a mix of bright summer orange and coral shades and a few nudes to keep everyone happy. I really like the Cream Blush in the limited edition shade of Hibiscus as it adds a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks and the lip gloss Nude Pink is so pretty for a nice wash of pink on the lips. The Apricot Shimmer Brick is perfect for highlighting the tops of your cheek bones for a summer glow. Another reason I really love this products is because it reminds me of my best friend Katie as she used it all the way through university so it has a very nostalgic feel to it. I can see myself wearing the Nectar nail polish all the way through summer as it's such a lovely pinky coral shade. 

If you haven't tried anything from Bobbi Brown before I would suggest trying one of their lip glosses as they have so many colours to choose from and have a really lovely finish to them. 


5 April 2014

Huge John Frieda Giveaway!

As a huge thank you to all my lovely readers I thought I'd host a giveaway where the winner can receive all the John Frieda goodies in the above picture worth over £40. The prize includes the Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturising Oil Elixir, Miraculous Recovery Serum, Extra Strength Serum, Perfect Finish Serum and the Original 6 Effects Serum.

To enter all you need to do is follow me on twitter- @GemmaLondonLife and on Bloglovin-  This London Life. For extra entries you can also follow me on Instagram, Google+, tweet about the giveaway and post a comment. Unfortunately this giveaway is only available to UK readers. 
The winner will be announced on Friday 11th of April via e-mail so Good Luck!! xx

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1 April 2014

March Beauty Favourites

It's that time again when we all talk about the products we've been loving over the past month. I'm going to start off with the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash that I mentioned in my Boots 3 for 2 haul (see link here) and I've pretty much used it continuously since then. I absolutely love the scent of this stuff, I can see why it's not everyone's cup of tea but it works for me and I love that it smells like a margarita. Another reason I love this is because it contains lots of skin loving ingredients, which soften the skin whilst you shower cutting down on moisturising time! If you follow me on Twitter (@Gemmalondonlife) you'll have heard me raving about my love for the Blackberry & Bay scent from Jo Malone that I was given as a very lovely gift from my parents for my birthday. I love this as it's such a beautiful light and fresh scent but also has a little musk in their to give it depth.

Next is an Urban Decay lip gloss which I mentioned in my review of the Ultra Nourishing Lip Glosses (see link here) and I've been pretty much wearing the shade Lovechild* all month. It's the perfect neutral pink for my skin tone and has some slight shimmer running through it, so I find it's perfect for day and night.  

At the end of February I attended the press day for Collection 2000 and whilst we all love their long lasting concealer they're also bringing out some really great new Spring releases. My personal favourite and something I've used everyday since getting it is their Brow Trio Kit. It comes with 3 different shades that you can mix and match, a double ended applicator brush and a setting gel. What I love about this is you can achieve really natural looking brows without them looking too drawn on. Unfortunately this isn't available until next week but I just wanted to let you know how great it is!

I mentioned in my February favourites post (see link here) that I’d been loving the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, which I still do, but I found that around my forehead it really wasn’t blending in as nicely as I would like due to dry skin. I wanted to try a lighter base and I’d heard so much about the Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere Foundation from bloggers and friends and it sounded like the exact foundation I was looking for, a light-ish with still pretty good coverage. I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and love that you can apply to smallest amount for a really sheer finish or build it up for a fuller coverage look.  

Lastly, a product I've been really enjoying is the new Bobbi Brown CC Cream* in the shade Pale Nude. I've been applying this after moisturising and it creates a really lovely base for make-up as it minimises any red patches on the skin. 

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