15 March 2014

Percy & Reed Freebie

We all love a good magazine freebie and with April's issue of Elle magazine you receive the newly launched Percy & Reed product, Wonder Balm which is worth £18. The reason I picked up this month's issue was solely to try out this product. Wonder Balm only launched in stores this week and is meant to be an all round styling product that works for all hair types. You're suppose to apply a small amount of this to towel dried hair before blow-drying or leaving to air dry and it acts as a kind of style primer for your hair. Now I'm not entirely sure what a hair primer is but I see it as the product will act as a base for your other styling products to make them a little more effective. So exactly what a face primer does for your foundation. I tried this out this morning and noticed that my hair felt so much softer and sleeker than it did the day before, we'll see if it makes it into a favourites post! 

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