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Bobbi Brown Uber Pink Collection

Lip Gloss- Baby Pink- £18*

It's no secret that I like pink, I own a lot of pink make-up and my go to nail colour is normally a milky pink, so as you can imagine the new limited edition Uber Pink collection from Bobbi Brown is right up my street. It contains two lipsticks, two lipglosses, two illuminating blushes (or bronzers as they're called) and two nail colours.   

Let's start with the blushes shall we, I love how they're really large and beautifully embossed with 'Be Pretty' and 'Be Bold' as I think it's add a really nice touch to the packaging. I'm a blush girl through and through, I think adding a pop of colour to your cheeks really brightens your appearance and finishes off your look. As they're illuminating powders they contain tiny flecks of glitter which add just the right amount of shimmer to your cheeks. I've mainly been wearing the 'Be Pretty' shade as it's not too in your face for the day and complements a brown smokey eye. 

I have the shade Baby Pink in their lipgloss which is the perfect day shade that works really well over a pale pink lipstick. I have to say, I haven't really worn lipglosses in quite a long time but since getting this I've worn it almost ever day over my favourite revlon lipstick (link here). It has a slightly sticky texture, which I know a lot of people hate but I don't think it's too sticky at all. I find it's a really complementing shade for me and works perfectly for my day-to-day nude lip and brown smokey eye look. 

Next is the nail polish, this is a really sheer pale pink so if you like the look of polished nails without too much colour this is for you. I personally prefer a slightly milky-er pink but that's just my personal preference. This is basically perfect for a barely there pink coloured nail. 

Lastly, the lipstick. I have the shade Pink Kiss and I have to say this really didn't suit me as I found it a little too barbie pink for my liking, that my be down to my skin tone though. As with all Bobbi Brown lipsticks it had a lovely creamy texture that didn't feel drying on the lips and really lovely luxe packaging. 

If I had to pick one product from the range it would have to be the lipgloss as I'm in love with the colour and finish but my second favourite is definitely the blushes as they're so beautiful and have really good colour payoff, which lasts hours.  


  1. Wow I love all of this! Like you I'm a sucker for pink. I really like the look of the lipstick and both the blushes xx

  2. These all look lovely - such great colours.